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10 Reasons to Consider Philippines as Your Outsourcing Destination

The Miss Universe Crown is not the only crown the Philippines possesses. As early as 2010, the Philippines was officially recognized as the BPO hot spot of the whole world.

The Philippine outsourcing industry has been around for more than two decades.

Having said that, the next thing we need to discuss is not how this came to be, but why the country is the best choice as far as outsourcing your business is concerned.

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So why choose the Philippines?

1. Talent Pool – there are outsourcing companies here that employ more than 15,000 people, and that is just one company. The industry has a presence in the three major islands of the country, and they are all located in top tier-cities like Makati and Ortigas Center. Looking for employees is never a concern.

2. Maintain Core Business – you must outsource so you can focus on your business core like product development, brand strengthening, or service delivery. You cannot make this happen if you have to manage tasks that can be done remotely.

3. Labor Cost – the cost of labor for BPOs in the Philippines is competitive. An hour’s worth of labor in U.S. or Australia is close enough to meet the labor cost of a Filipino employee per day. You will get the same quality of service, or even better.

4. Infrastructure Cost – you do not have to spend building an office or buying equipment. All of these are ready and only needs to be occupied.

5. Education – there are more than 2,000 universities in the country. Every year, thousands of people graduate looking for jobs in the outsourcing industry. You can leverage these talents in customer service, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

6. Government Support – if done right, you can enjoy government benefits such as lower taxes and subsidies of some utilities if you do business in the country.

7. Accessibility – the country may have more than 7,000 islands, but there are major international and domestic airports all over it. You can travel to the offices knowing that you do not have to endure long hours of traveling by land.

8. Expertise – the industry has been around for 20 years. Thousands of people are experts in many verticals, including functions critical to your business such as management, customer satisfaction, and sales.

9. Risk Mitigation – if there ever is a calamity in your own place, your business is not impacted since your partners are in the Philippines. And here, outsourcing vendors split the teams into different areas to ensure there is support despite the occurrence of heavy rains or flooding.

10. Resource Allocation – free up your local resources. Pass on the tasks to the outsourcing vendors in the Philippine so you can use the time of your local employees to drive your core businesses functions.



No matter where you look, outsourcing in the Philippines is still the best option if you want your business done right. In this country, you are leveraging decades of expertise in the outsourcing industry to advance your business goals. For inquiries, write to

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