Remote Staffing

At Asiatel Outsourcing we are sensitive to your business needs and lay special emphasis on pilot projects so that we are well synchronized to your requirements at the stage of scale up.


Remote Staffing

(Also known as Co-Sourcing) a more value added service and is ideally suited for the customers which do not have a local entity registered in the Philippines. Asiatel acts as your link between your needs and provides the services to start your outsourcing operations in Manila, Philippines.

Managed operations is now becoming a preferred choice of most customers who take care of the core delivery of the services whether inbound, outbound or back office. Asiatel provides the following services:

Asiatel Outsourcing provides the following services

Remote Staffing or Co-Sourcing can be used for Call Center, Data Entry, Creative Design Services, Finance and Accounting, NOC Outsourcing Services, Wholesale Telecom Outsourcing, VoIP Technical Support and Help Desk Outsourcing Services.

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