The Philippines initially gained popularity as a hub for voice talent and expanded its offerings to encompass all facets of business process outsourcing.

The Philippines Advantage

Philippines has emerged as global hub for Business process outsourcing. Philippines started as a destination of choice for voice talent and gradually has spread its wings to all aspects of business process outsourcing / remote staffing. The numbers give an impressive picture with nearly 1.4 million persons are employed in this sector that accounts for about US$ 30 Bn in revenue annually.

As per estimates, Philippines BPO industry is expected to reach US$ 50 Bn by 2025.

Philippines as

No.1 in Voice 


“The Philippines is now No. 1 in the world when it comes to providing voice services, which make up most of the BPO industry.”

Genry Marcial
External Affairs Director, IT-BPAP

Rise in Global

Market Share


“From 2004, Philippines has tripled its global market share of BPO Business, from 4% to 12.3% in 2014. It is estimated that this could rise to 19% by 2020.” 

Oxford Business Group

GDP Rise in

Recent Years



“The BPO industry accounted for just 0.075% of GDP in 2000, rising swiftly to reach 2.4% in 2005, 4.9% in 2011, and 5.4 in 2012.”


Reasons Why You Should Outsource
to Philippines


By outsourcing to the Philippines, business owners from developed countries can save up to 60% on costs.

Access to Talented Employees

Philippines is well known for exporting its talent across the world. By outsourcing to Philippines, you can access a much wide variety of talent that exists in the country and on a much larger scale and across multiple job functions.

Language Proficiency

When compared to other outsourcing destinations, the Philippines has a significant edge in terms of language, as English is the country’s official language and is widely spoken daily. As a result, the BPO business is brimming with people who can communicate fluently in English with neutral accents.

Young Demographic

The Philippines has an extremely young population, with the average age being only 25 years old. This generation has grown up in a technologically advanced society and hence has a natural awareness of how technology may be used to improve business solutions. This is a huge advantage in the modern era of startups.

Legal Liabilities and Management Issues

One of the unintended consequences of running a business is that your operations are vulnerable to legal liabilities and frivolous lawsuits initiated by in-house employees. However, when you outsource to the Philippines, you are relieved of any such worries because all the good outsourcing organizations are very compliant and also legally very strong in order to ensure that their customer and client connections remain ideal.

Data Privacy
and Security

The Philippines government has played a critical role in ensuring that the BPO industry in the Philippines can thrive and grow by enacting favorable legislation and policies. Because outsourcing operations typically include the sharing of personal data, the Philippine government passed a data privacy act in 2012 to ensure that privacy requirements meet international standards.

Work Ethic

Another important advantage Filipino BPO workers have in the competition is their work ethics. They are widely regarded as hard working and highly process oriented. Filipinos are also recognized for being patient and calm under stress. When interacting with consumers, they have an innate regard for others that makes it a top choice for customer service.

Quality of

According to numerous independent research publishers, the Philippines’ BPO industry consistently ranks at the top of service delivery quality evaluations done among clients from all over the world. The importance of performance efficiency in securing the country’s ability to employ more than 1.4 million workers in BPO sector.

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