Learning Center/ Outsourcing Tutorials

Learning center outsourcing can be a smart and strategic move for businesses seeking to provide high-quality training and development programs. It can involve a range of services, such as content development, course design, course delivery, and learner evaluation. 


Learning and Tutorial

Asia Telecom has worked with the education sector in last few years. Here other than sales or appointment fixing, there is a huge potential for outsourcing learning center or the tutorials. For example, the whole modules of Learning English or Learning a foreign language or special interventions on subjects such as Mathematics can be outsourced to us in form of tutorials.

Asia Telecom can create a mini-outsourced institution based on your requirements. The steps involves:

Here, it is important that the institute has the modules on web for seamless execution of mandate. If there are no web modules, our web team can help in making that go live as a one-time activity for our clients.

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