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4 Customer Service Functions You Can Outsource

customer service functions

Fun Fact: Satisfied customers lead to more money.

You already knew that, didn’t you?

But what happens when every part of your business seems to howl for attention? Can you still attend to your customers’ inquiries when you have so much on your plate?

Sometimes, you can’t.

You cannot ignore even that one, a single customer asking for some details about your product, but you also can’t sacrifice your operations. As your business progresses, you may consider outsourcing your customer service to reputable BPO companies in the Philippines.

This post discusses the 4 customer service functions and shows you which ones your company can outsource. Let’s get your management problems sorted out!

Customer Service Functions You Can Outsource

1.   Inbound Customer Service

Out of all the popular services BPO companies in the Philippines offer, inbound customer service is the most commonly outsourced. It involves receiving calls from interested customers and usually takes place once a buying decision has already been made, the customer is looking for additional information about the product, inquiring about billing concerns, or raising issues.

2.   Outbound Customer Service

Unlike inbound customer service where customers initiate calls to the company, outbound customer service takes place when the company’s customer support team reaches out to prospects usually to verify accounts, promote newly released products, upgrades, and updates on billing statuses.

3.   Live Chat Support

Studies show that 79% of people prefer live chat to email and social media because of reduced waiting time and instant responses. Live Chats are text-based, real-time conversations between a customer and the support team through the company website. Live Chat customer service is best for customers who are looking for an immediate response as they no longer have to dig through the whole website to look for the contact page or reach out through an email address. Help can be accessed swiftly, with just a simple click. Other benefits of live chat support include:

  • Improve customer experience
  • Help establish rapport between the company and its customers
  • Increase team productivity
  • Boost conversion rate

4.   e-Commerce Customer Service

e-Commerce Customer Service supports and guides online store users throughout their purchasing journey. Potential and existing customers can be given adequate information that makes their shopping experience seamless and enables these customers to inquire, purchase or return items regardless of the time of the day as they are not required to go to physical stores.

Improve your e-Commerce Support by:

  • Asking for feedback
  • Identifying common questions and pain points
  • Improving your response time
  • Create a seamless checkout process

In today’s digital age where people can access your brand and your site without any time restriction, 24-hour customer service should be obtainable. Let their questions be answered and all their service-related uncertainties are resolved while reducing the management stress levels you experience daily. Allow your trusted BPO partner do the customer service for you, email us at

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