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6 Tips for Enhanced Telesales

Nowadays, everyone is aware of telemarketing services that help make appointments with potential customers. But have you heard of telesales? What is telesales? Telesales is a service task that you use to sell your products and services to customers directly through a telephone conversation. In telesales, the entire selling process, including the payment transaction can be completed within a short time using a single telephone call. Telesales can be more effective when you already possess a well segmented data and contact details of your potential clients. Here is an article that describes the telesales tips and tricks which are beneficial to the development of your business, whether small or large scale.

Telesales Service Enhancement

Top 6 Tips for Telesales Service Enhancement

The wide range of training centres focuses on skills and easy tactics such as handling complaints in a timely manner, with the right tone and empathy. However, the best call centres operate on another level and look different from the rest. Here are 6 tips for enhancing your telesales, which helps increase the effectiveness of selling over the telephone.

1. Hire Good Sales Customer Service Staff

To become a more sales oriented team, efficient customer service staff are required.  It is not a bad concept. Many organisations follow the same for enhancing telesales. Hiring sound sales customer service staff helps improve telesales.

2. Intelligent Staff for Cross-Selling

If cross-sales involve the transfer of favourable circumstances from customer service staff to specific sales teams, make sure that there is sufficient staffing on the other point of the organization to avoid long queues.

3. Database segmentation

In telesales, lots of wasteful activity involves reaching out to wrong audience and that reduces the time spent in actual prospecting. In case you need to make calls for E-learning solutions targeted at school students then the database should comprise of area where there are young couples. In case your database is aimed at neighbourhood with many retirees then the effectiveness will be less

The right segmentation is a critical step for increasing sales

4. Indulge Team Leaders in Agent Training Sessions

Provide separate training for team leaders and also involve team leaders in agent training sessions. These classes help them reinforce learning new telesales techniques and can generate the best ways to deal with these results in their normal working environment

5. Early Qualification

In telesales, time is money. While making telesales calls, it is therefore important to upfront qualify or disqualify a client as fitting into a target market or not. In continuation with point number 3, the call may start with a short survey about habits of school going children. There can be a question asking whether there is a school going child in the household and Yes /No to that question can determine continuation or termination of that call

The above is just an example, the concept can extended to the product or market as applicable

6. Maintain short calls and be straight to the point

A short telesales call must explain the purpose of the call and the product or service that is being offered in a concise way. And it is vital to be transparent. This increases the sales leads.

Overall, transparency and efficiency keeps customers satisfied with your telesales calls. Telesales also depends on order, value, time spent on the site and order history. The above 6 telesales tips play a major role in your business growth.

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