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With the phenomenal penetration and acceptance of Internet, the marketing of any business is going through a 180 degree shift. The growth of smart phones has altered the marketing space for ever. The traditional methods of outreach are losing their shine and the consolidations towards the digital media is going to be the name of the game. The ways to reach out to a customer are thus changing and with that design services have become a prominent part of marketing communications. This has led to change in the product suite of outsourcing companies. Having recognized this need, specialists companies have come up for this business outsourcing and also large outsourcing firms are now setting up a design wing.

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The outsourcing companies based in Manila have many advantages in this field. Firstly the Filipinos are very creative and well recognized for their design sense. Secondly, with confluence of oriental, Spanish and American cultures the designs have a modern outlook and contemporary feel to it. And lastly, there is cost arbitrage to pick as the employee cost is lower than west. So Philippines could be a good choice for  creative process outsourcing  or web design outsourcing services.

This service is commonly called as CPO or Creative Process Outsourcing. This can be your solution for creating, upgrading and modernizing design to new requirements of global demands (user-friendly, Google-friendly and mobile-friendly).

There are 2 main creative services that are being well covered under this category by design outsourcing companies. First is the interactive design for website and second is, graphic design for visual identity such as logos, animations and printing designs.

Some of the important terms are enlisted below:

  • Web Design & EDM
  • Printing Design
  • Logos & Corporate Identity Packages
  • Designs for Social Media
  • Animations & motion pictures
  • Presentations
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Why Website Design is Important?

A website is more than a mere presence on Internet. Lots of business use it as electronic brochure on the Internet, which is a completely wrong approach. A web site is an important identity of your business and a good content and design can attract the customers to your website. The ability of a website to generate business has a strong link to web design and also web marketing.

For web marketing to be prudent, it is vital to have the right web design in the first place. The expertise of web design is getting accumulated with the firms handling creative process outsourcing. It makes business sense to go to an expert rather than do it in-house on sub-optimal levels. Some of the corporate giants may have big inside teams, however for SME customers outsourcing of design services makes logical and business sense.

Let’s look at some reasons why web design is important and how to make it beneficial.

  1. Poor website design reduces your audience size and engagement coefficient
  2. It is the right way to brand your company in the modern digital era
  3. Your website should be Omni channel friendly including smart phones
  4. There is no choice, but to be present in front your customers. The web and smartphone as a channel is now a hard reality of modern day life

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