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Top 5 Tips for Improved Customer Service Through Social Media

With the popularity of Internet the ways of manage customer expectation has undergone a paradigm shift. Customers are more likely to read online reviews, check out social media pages and interact through online resources before making the right purchase. This indicates that you cannot ignore online customer service touch points – especially through social Media. Social Media has changed the way businesses manage their customer experience and has become a reliable platform where customers reach out for their services over multiple social networks. Social networking sites enable the customers to spend their quality time and money to reach out to correct services. It’s a fact that social media has opened the door to a whole new world of marketing and sales, which is an incredible concept for businesses. Check out the 5 Tips that will help you improve your company’s customer service skills through social media networking.

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Top 5 Tips to Improve Call Center Customer Service through Social Media

True customer service always leads to greater loyalty and increases your sales. So here are the top 5 tips to improve your customer service through Social Media.

1. Possess Dedicated Customer Service Channels

Use your business profile for customer service enquiries and also maintain a dedicated call center answering service channel that gives the customers clear direction on getting right solutions to their problems. One of most cost effective method is to deploy web chat for addressing initial queries and in a chat format one representative can potentially handle 3 to 4 queries in parallel unlike a inbound customer service which is one on one

2. Blog Up Your Service

You should always keep an informative and updated blog in order to share relevant and truly interesting content with your followers. Using a customer service tag on your blog gives your readers a library of resolutions and issues in the form of FAQs.

3. Always Keep an Eye on Competitors

Remember to learn from your competition, whether it may be good or bad. The right monitoring of competitors for the same customer issues that you deal with will help you in finding new innovative ideas. Monitoring customer service streams before they reach your inbox helps kick out problems before their onset.

4. Be Proactive and Keep Your Ears Open by right mapping of keywords

Use social media monitoring software network to seek out potential issues faced by customers before they find their own way. Adding keywords like ‘problems’ and ‘issues’ to your software helps reach out to the customer before the situation gets out of hand. Your action indicates the way you care for your customers.

5. Respond Quickly

Usually, customers expect a quick response through social media channels. You should respond within 24 hours after receiving issues or complaints from customers. Quick response makes your real world customer service more effective and efficient.

Customer service will pay in dividends if your customers have positive experiences. Your social media networks encourages customers and in turn helps develop your businesses.

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