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Establishing LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Establishing LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

With over 500 million professional profiles floating across the platform, there is a need for an effective strategy to capture a particular set of audience. This quantity, no matter how huge it is, would still choose to scroll down through their timeline if the strategist toned down their game. That is why, the need to learn on how to establish a LinkedIn marketing strategy is a must!

After connecting and growing a following, strategy shall not stop there. From the data in LinkedIn State of Sales Report, 90% of top performing salespeople use social media to strategize. This proof is enough to conclude that while social media has a steady if not growing audience, putting marketing collateral out there shall still be well-thought-out and strategic. Here are some tips on how you can establish your LinkedIn marketing strategy:


Any effective strategy starts with a detailed plan. Questions must be answered. B2b or B2C? Who is your audience? What none shall be used? What content shall be disseminated? Is it appropriate? 

Everything shall be specific for it to work. LinkedIn may just be one platform, it will surely make a difference in terms of your lead conversion if planned well. 

Connect to the Right People

Once your planned and target audience is defined, you’ll know which people you should connect to. Are these business executives? Freelancers? Human resource personnel? Of course, it will always depend on the message and the content you are about to share in the platform and your niche.

These people will see and be the crucial variables in your strategy. So make sure you are very specific on the people you are connecting to. Just like choosing our friends in real life, one should be wise.

Engage and Build Relationships

Make friends. Yes, messaging them when they accepted you as their connection would be fine. A little personal message of gratitude or thanks for connecting would do. 

A common mistake is that most LinkedIn accounts will already pitch sales with a lengthy message once they connected. That is not a good idea. After all, professionals engage to those whom they know they can trust (or from a credible recommendation). Building relationships with them like making friends would definitely be a good move. Sharing relevant content would be a great first step. Don’t rush things.

Join Community/Groups

LinkedIn also has this community or groups with the people who have the same denominator. If they are your target audience, it is no brainer to join this group and make meaningful interactions to make yourself belong to the conversation and the community.

Produce and Share Content

Defining the audience also means that you already determined their problem, concerns and such. Your content should be all about those to capture them. You want them to continuously see you as their go-to in terms of their concerns and such, thus establishing your authority in the particular area. Always make it subtle. Hard sell will make you look desperate for attention.

Utilize LinkedIn Ads

If you’re just starting on establishing your LinkedIn marketing strategy, it is understandable to have a hard time establishing your brand on this platform. Ads will definitely be helpful for you. LinkedIn profile accounts include information like professional interests, associations, and skills which means it would be easier for LinkedIn Ads to target your audience.

This is proven and tested as the Utah State University’s Jon M. Huntsman School of Business used LinkedIn Sponsored InMail ads as part of their campaign to attract candidates to its MBA program. Through LinkedIn Ads utilizing the information provided to them and laser-like targeting capabilities, the institution achieved a 27.5 percent open rate on its Sponsored InMail messages and a 71 percent conversion rate for requests for information.

With the popularity of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, LinkedIn still separates itself as the most professional platform. Its distinct audience and capability to help and build brands is its unique selling point. It proves that this platform is more than just connecting professionals across the world, but opening doors to many exclusive and premium opportunities to its users.

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