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Expanding Operations in the Philippines Through Remote Staffing

So, you decided to expand your business operation? Or maybe you’re just curious how you can start or hire a remote staff in the Philippines? Well, we got you! Here’s everything you need to know about remote staffing in the Philippines.

Setting aside the pre-decision-making process (we leave that up to you, of course), setting up a team here in the Philippines is actually not that hard. You may wonder we often recommend the country Philippines, it is because the Philippines is the third-largest English-speaking population in the world, which proves that Filipinos can communicate well with other races.

remote staffing in the philippines

The Philippines has a huge pool of workforce in the field of IT and Business Administration, which increases in quantity and in demand every year. Lastly, the culture of hospitability is innate that is why foreigners and businesses abroad love going back here.

Anyway, let’s get back to business.


First off, you need to look for a company the offers remote staffing services in the Philiprepines. There are lots of third-party providers here in the Philippines that will offer you the best service at a justifiable price. Now, it’s up to you which do you think offers the best team. You may check their websites for more information regarding the offers and packages.

Also, don’t forget to look for other companies as well so you’ll have choices.


After choosing maybe 2 or 3 potential remote staffing company in the Philippines, it’s time to contact them. Their contact information is usually posted on their websites, some even have chatbots to assist you. Do not think twice about calling or sending a message because they would be happy to accommodate you.


You need to look further at the information provided on their website. Also, it’s time to introduce your company to the potential partner so they’ll know what you’ll need and see if they can provide that. It’s also the time to negotiate. All the pricing and contract details shall be discussed in this phase.


After you negotiated and signed the necessary documents and papers, it’s time for the remote staffing company in the Philippines to either hire or select from their pool of talents to form a remote team that will fit your needs.

Most of the time there will be specific skills that you’ll need (accounting, administration, HR, writing, and such), and this third-party provider will meticulously choose the best or train potentials so you’ll get the quality of service you paid for.


This newly hired remote staff team is now your employees. You can now directly communicate with them to do your business operations as you do with your workers in your main office.

Don’t worry, the remote team day-to-day function in the office will be managed by your chosen remote staff company. They’ll be fine.

And you just expanded your operations! Congratulations!

These remote staffing companies in the Philippines are mostly situated high-end business districts in the country. Did you know that Akron Global is one of them? Yes, we can definitely help you with your remote staff here in the Philippines! Just write to us at to know more.

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