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Facilities Outsourcing in the Philippines

Managing your facilities is not just about having a group of people maintain your work area or do maintenance activities on your AC. It is a huge responsibility which, if not done right, can have a significant impact on your day to day operations.

But why should you outsource your facilities services to a vendor, and what is it?

Facilities outsourcing is a process in which you hire a contractor to take accountability of your facilities management arm. It includes maintenance services and ensures that the work environment is safe.

Outsourcing in the Philippines

But what are the benefits of doing this?

Legal Compliance

Facilities outsourcing in the Philippines is a growing industry because the vendors know what they are supposed to do. The mechanics and facilities experts are not just those who know how to fix your plumbing system; they are also trained to comply with the expectations laid out by the law in relation to environmental hazards.

Depending on your city and industry, the government may require you to comply with L.E.E.D standards, which includes legal expectations when there is a repair or renovation needed.

Better Dependability

If you hire your facilities team internally, chances are one is going to be out sick one day. Or there could be an emergency. Whatever happens, one absence can impact your sanitation or the safety of the work environment, let alone making sure that all the equipment is in the proper working order.

This will not happen with outsourcing facilities teams. If someone is out, they have a healthy roster of employees who can serve as a temp to replace the absent employee assigned to servicing you. Because of this back-up system, you can expect an uninterrupted service.

More Efficient

Facilities management require skill. The employees who belong to this organization need training. If you hire your own, chances are you do not have the expertise to keep these employees up to date with trends and legal expectations.

But if you outsource, you can expect that the services are at par with your standards. If you manage your own facilities group, there may also be non-performing employees that you cannot remove immediately for fear of the impact on your daily activities.

But with an outsourced group, you simply have to report the erring employee, and he may be replaced immediately.

Have Business Focus

Managing your facilities team can take you away from more important matters—the business operations and your customers. You have to meet your facilities team, deploy them to their specific tasks, check their work, compare it with the standards, manage their sick days, rotate their schedules, determine costs of repair, and so much more.

A facilities team is like any other team. They need guidance. And if you have an in-house facilities department, you will not be able to fulfill you’re your other duties.

You are better off hiring a facilities manager and having him work with an outsourced group.

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An outsourced facilities group has several benefits. You can reduce the work of your staff, save on the costs of paying for employee benefits, and decrease legal risks if there is an injury. For inquiries, write to

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