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Facts About Back Office Support

back office support

In business, people often credit a success only to those people in the ‘front’ or whoever visible to them. Little did they know that there are a bunch of professionals, who are not always visible, working at the back of the office who is also responsible for that success.

That is basically what back office support is all about. Back Office Support is a section of a company that handles different roles not directly related to customers. They work behind for the customer support to be more efficient and effective in providing service.

back office support

The following are facts about the Back Office Support:

1. Rarely Seen

They are not literally invisible, but if you’re going to pay a visit to an office, usually the back office personnel are literally located at the back. They do not deal with the clients directly, but they help make that process efficiently.

2. They Deal With the Front Office Support

Back Office Support deals with the Front Office Support personnel. FOS are usually customer service representatives, sales specialists, receptionists, etc. What BOS does is, for instance, provide the necessary information and data about a customer so that the FOS personnel will do his/her job accordingly.

Another example of this function is content creation. Content is important in improving the customer experience. Content is composed of blogs on websites, flyers, guides, FAQs, video tutorials and such.

3. Not Client-Facing Department

Back Office Support is usually under the department of administration, support, and operations, which are all not client-facing.

4. Indirectly Generate Revenue

Since they work at the back, these jobs do not directly generate revenue but still essential to the company’s economic health.

5. Support

Back Office Support makes the whole organization work better, faster, and cheaper as they provide vital support that is mostly complementary and supplemental.

6. Can Be Outsourced

Back Office Support does not necessarily have to be located at the office or headquarters of the company. Did you know that you can outsource this? Why experience tedious recruitment process, costly training of new personnel, and expensive office space if there are already skilled and trained professionals who will support you from the back?

Indeed, the company’s success is just the tip of the iceberg, and there is a lot under that ice that ranges from challenges the company faced and overcome, unity, coordination of each team and department and of, course, people.

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