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Facts About BPO Philippines That SMEs Should Know

The BPO sector contributes billions to the Philippine economy annually and provides jobs to more than 1.3 people all over the country. Over the years, even during the pandemic, the industry remains stable, with forecasts showing that it still has a lot of scalability in the coming years.

BPO companies in the Philippines are among the most sought-after worldwide because of their competency and highly-skilled workforce. Many international businesses, even SMEs and start-ups, recognize the need for BPO Philippines services to help scale their operations. However, due to limited resources, small companies are afraid they won’t be able to afford the services.

Fortunately, times are changing, and thanks to technology, the BPO companies in the Philippines are being creative in their delivery modes to meet the demands of all types of businesses, whether large or small.

If you want to know how BPO can help grow businesses and why it’s so much in demand, here are several facts you need to know.

facts about bpo philippines

Customer service through various channels

The Philippines is the voice call center sub-sector leader, surpassing India’s numbers. But with technological innovations, voice call services are not the only option these days.

BPO Philippines offers 24/7 customer service through various delivery modes, including voice, email, and chat. They can even help create effective scripts that can both sell and serve your customers. You can negotiate your terms with your chosen BPO Philippines company.

Lower rates per hour

The reason why more businesses are outsourcing in the Philippines is because of the lower rates per hour. For instance, the average cost to hire a virtual customer service agent in the Philippines is $8 per hour. This is much lower compared to India’s rate of $10 per hour and the US, which costs $20 per hour.

Aside from the lower labor cost, businesses can save on overhead, maintenance, and infrastructure costs. Instead of hiring an in-house team, they can employ a highly-skilled virtual team at a fraction of the cost.

Multiple skill sets

If you think you can only hire customer service representatives in BPO, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Many BPO companies in the Philippines also offer accounting services, web development, web design, transcription, and many other skill sets to assist your business.

You don’t need to set up an accounting department or a design studio. You can build your finance and creative team virtually. Get competent people to work for your company and make your small company seem like a fully functioning large-scale company with competent people working behind you.


If you’re worried about the stability of the BPO industry in the Philippines and have no control over your workforce, then don’t because it’s ultimately the opposite.

The BPO industry continues to be one of the most resilient in the country, with an 8-10% growth annually. There are also many ways to keep your team intact because the people and companies in the Philippines tend to be very loyal and easy to negotiate with. Any changes in business operations can be arranged through good communication.


Technology makes it possible for BPO companies in the Philippines to provide more creative ways to deliver customer service. SMEs now have a better chance to scale their operations through lower employment costs while still hiring a highly-skilled workforce.

Many international companies love to work with BPO companies in the Philippines because of people’s ability to speak English fluently and their cultural compatibility. They are straightforward, have strong work ethics, and are loyal.

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