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Finding the Perfect Seat Leasing: Things You Might Need to Consider

Putting up a business requires valuable time and resources. From identifying the location, aesthetics, recruitment of qualified members and securing local legal permits. This as well includes keeping up with utilities and payroll.

seat leasing

Pretty challenging, right?

There is now a way especially for start-up companies to escape the exhaustion from such demanding responsibilities. With seat-leasing, businesses need not to worry about these tiring factors as they will be given the whole package from the location, manpower up to the provision of premium quality equipment.

Considering the quality of the facility and the employees, foreign companies now opt to acquire office seat lease in the Philippines enabling them to experience the following benefits:


Philippines could be the best option for companies looking for affordable seat leasing services. Acquiring office seat lease in the Philippines allows them to cut costs as business operations in the country is lower compared to other countries. Funds saved can be utilized to other business activities.

Accessible Work Locations

The choice of work location is of importance. Outsourcing companies like Akron Global offers professional office space in Manila with both public and private transportation accessibility and with nearby restaurants, coffee shops and department stores for employee’s convenience.

IT Support

A dedicated support team is provided in most seat-leasing services to attend to your technical needs.

Contemporary Facilities

Not only Philippines secure affordable seat leasing service but as well ensures premium quality office equipment and air-conditioned facilities as convenience and pleasance is prioritized.

Looking for the perfect Office space in Manila

Looking for the perfect Office space in Manila? Akron Global presents outfitted, affordable seat-leasing facilities to provide businesses the essentials whether you are starting up a business or an already established organization. From workstations, reliable internet connection, updated telephony and computer hardware and IT support.

We can take care of your employees, payroll and local legal entity in a cost-efficient fee per seat monthly.

Seat Lease Service Includes:

Plug and Play Workstations (Personal Computer, IP Phone and Headsets)

Access to common areas such as toilets & pantry

Access to conference rooms and meeting rooms subject to booking

Basic IT Support pertaining to our infrastructure

Fiber Optic Internet

VoIP (to be billed)

Recruitment Support (to be billed)

Approximate Price: 150$ / seat for one shift of 9 hours

Prices vary based on 9 hours shift / 24*5 / 24*7 and can also depend the time zones

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