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Growth of Managed Operations in the Philippines

Outsourcing and managed operations services in the Philippines has been the global trend in the past decade making the Philippines one of the Top 3 global destinations worldwide. The industry of Offshoring Philippines has grown from the original five to 851 registered BPO companies based on the latest Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) statistical report. This number continually rises with at least 3 new BPOs startups steadily emerging in various metros in the country.

Managed Operations in the Philippines

Managed Services Philippines services range from call center to IT hubs which showcase unstoppable growth especially with the improvement and aggressive innovations of telecommunication and cyberspace. Offshoring Philippines has been the word of mouth in multiple Chambers of Commerce across the United States, Europe, Australia and other continents. Filipino skill and professionalism are much celebrated by satisfied clients the world over.
The popularity of the Philippine BPO Industry has much to thank for the people itself.  Filipinos know the value of hard work. Early on, they embrace the importance of education and acquiring a second language with English being part of their native tongue practiced both in school and at home. Exposure to foreign shows in local channels further expose the typical Filipino youth to various cultures making them highly skilled in foreign languages and easily adaptable to cultures that are alien to their own.

Such talent and flexibility is hard to come by when looking for competent workers. Many companies ventured on entrusting their operations elsewhere but finding themselves moving their outsourced operations in the country for not only does the country cater to filling the employment need but also ensuring the success of foreign ventures in the land.

The government strongly backs up ventures in the country. They offer tax shields to investors that make investing in the country’s human resource quite profitable. Side by side BPO players and legislators ensure that the country maintains the allure not only with its pool of professionals but also enticing packages that will be both profitable and stable for all investors and outsources whether they are conglomerates, multinationals or small to medium scale businesses. The Philippine BPO industry remains undiscriminatingly hype and ready.

Corporate designs and offering vary with much flexibility attached in every package tailored to your multidisciplinary nature requirement. The structure is delivery-focused from planning, organizing and monitoring each key function whether in the field of manufacturing or production; all in a cost-effective and timely manner. The latest offers being a clearer picture of what a client really needs like Co-working Space Ortigas and shared services. What is the difference between shared services and BPO?


Shared Services Philippines offers scalability. Why have an entire Business Outsourcing company when you can actually spend for what you really need while enjoying giving your employees the same amenities necessary for their basic needs and well-being.

Rental rates consume much of your company earnings and setting one up eat away a chunk of your capital. Shared services let you pay for what is necessary and not an entire company. This saves you from factoring in the unsurmountable charges needed in operating a business. 

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