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Here’s How You Can Generate Leads Through Cold Calling

How You Can Generate Leads Through Cold Calling

Cold calling may be one of the oldest ways, yet still the most effective technique for telemarketing and appointment setting companies to generate leads. Unlike any other options available today such as social media and email newsletters, cold calling allows you to directly communicate with your prospect customers, be able to identify their unique problems and instantly demonstrate your product or service as the best solution.

When you cold call, you may be picking up the phone or initiating the contact for the first time. Your prospect may know nothing about your brand or expresses no interest at all. Keeping this in mind, you might already have assumed and expected little to zero success rate.

How can you effectively generate leads through cold calling? Here are few insights to help you make cold calling a success.

Compile all your potential customers

Some lists may have all the necessary details you need to begin with, other lists may contain few details that other vital information has to be gathered during the call.

Evaluate your list and find all the leads that fits to be your target

You may have the list of potential customers to cold call, prioritize those that are a good fit and are most likely to be interested in what you offer. This saves time and increases your chances to acquire good results consecutively.

Identify the name of your target

In cold calling, you may encounter a number of people acting as sentries that protect the executive’s time and energy. For you to get to your target, it is advisable to identify the name of the person you want to have the communication with. Instead of looking for the CEO, the manager or the Company President, do some web search about their name to help you sound less spammy and reach your prospect. 

Focus on your goals

Make your plans and objectives clear to your target. If you want to do an appointment setting, make sure you know what to say and deliver a good reason why they should spend time listening to your pitch.

Craft a winning sales script

When creating your script, make sure it won’t sound too staged and disengaging. Ask customer-related questions that will allow a natural and continuous conversation or if you are brave enough, don’t rely on scripts, use guides instead.

Outsource Telemarketing/Cold Calling Functions to Get the Best Leads

One of the best ways most companies consider to get qualified leads is to outsource its telemarketing/cold calling and appointment setting functions. Not only is it cost-efficient, it also includes superior advantages such as scalability, data analysis, enough resources and talents to generate and nurture leads.

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