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Hiring Executive Assistants in the Philippines

Foreign influences made Filipinos regard to continuing education like learning history, culture and new languages highly important. This is very similar with that of Japanese “Kaizen” doctrine. This is the reason behind what made the Philippines an education-centered country which produces skillful manpower spread across its three major islands: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Multi-talented virtual assistants in the Philippines working freelance or in BPOs are in high demand from entry to executive level. Globalization made the world a much smaller place.

Shared Services Philippines

Offshoring Philippines:

Inexpensive VoIP software applications and services allow completely free phone calls to any PC and mobile phone over the world like Facetime, Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, SIP, VoIPStunt and Whatsapp. Real time communication is possible at almost no cost at all. Operations run twenty four hours everyday so employers stay connected to their employee and customers on real time in varying time zones. These made the BPO industry in the Philippines realize worldwide acclaim.

The development of new technologies and time management apps do these through rigorous quality control and time monitoring software like Slack and Hubspot. Software such as these these monitor the staff’s productivity and work ethic.

In the hierarchical chart of power in any organization, CEOs rely on their Number 1 resource person for support. This person is someone who has his back with responsibilities that aid him in keeping his business afloat. She is a professional who can run his business for him in his absence; someone who knows the ins and outs of his organization; the person to run to by employees to verify information. Her work is not simply confined in making him coffee or answering calls. She is the Executive Assistant (EA).
What exactly does an executive assistant do?
Keep the CEO and corporate calendar
A CEO is focused on business development, his EA handles minor but equally important calendar monitoring task to ensure that workload and meetings are accomplished when needed.

Ensures schedules are met

The EO enables her boss to perform his key functions on time like attend appointments.

Resource Duties

The EO is up-to-date with key information pertinent to operations from names and numbers of contacts and staff to business partners and industry celebrities or key performers.

Handles Records and Files

An EO is responsible in keeping pertinent documents and records. Her organizational skill is impeccable using both traditional bookkeeping, Dewey library system to the modern digitized systems or applications like Microsoft and Winsoft.

A “jack of all trades”
She may be also capable of performing task that comes with the job which may or may not include:
Office Administration
– Administration Assistant
– Transcriptionist
– Data Manager
– Phone Operator
– Receptionist
Personal Assistant
Project Coordinator
Recruitment Assistant
Correspondence and Contract Writer, Editor and / or Proofreader

Philippine Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies with Shared Services Philippines set ups offer virtual executive assistants optimizing the same work space. This setup will fit well to your budget. They allow you and your EO to work autonomously with ready support in case assistance is needed which is a win-win for outsourcers.
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