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How To Build A Team In The Philippines For UK-based Firms

In 2017, the British government spearheaded an initiative that boosted the appeal of outsourcing services from third party players to reduce business risk for areas that businessmen were not well-equipped to handle. Labor cost, in-house operations, equipment cost, and software upgrades ate away huge chunks of hard-earned company profits. The lack of skill and unavailability of capable human or tech resources were affecting productivity and the country’s economic growth. By encouraging companies to resort to outsourcing as a resolution, gave way to win-win scenarios for both them and global outsourcing businesses thus furthering and boosting the country’s overall GDP.


Outsourcing companies provided value-added services like managed operations to multi-industries in the United Kingdom. They helped outsourcers innovate their companies’ business processes on top of saving money and time. Vendors offered cost-effective customized services designed to fit a specific client’s requirements. British companies like those in other countries have specific, varying and evolving needs depending on scale, target market and industry which over the years, BPOs have considered, studied and met for mutual gain.

UK-based BPOs were able to meet this demand, however, securing local services still proved to be more costly than hiring offshore virtual assistants which Philippine-based outsourcing companies are in abundant supply of at a fraction of the cost. Various package options include shared services, serviced offices with shared services facilities or even co-sourcing for seasonal campaigns or big operations. All these are readily available on demand depending on client’s requirement and budget.

UK-based outsourcers secure various services which include:

Accounting, Financial and Mortgage Services

Financial Institutions such as banks, credit and investment firms found that having a reliable BPO perform routinary and work extensive work sped up their processes, improved their collection and kept their records up-to-date, making outsourcing a vital part of their organization.

Call Center Services

Professional telemarketers, call and contact agents maintain the desired company persona. Public image is not only protected but also amplified.

Software Development

This task is very expensive when done within the country where the corporate headquarters is located. IT companies develop innovative software by collaborating with BPO resources at a margin of the cost.

Transcription and Data Entry

Transcribing and inputting data in worksheets is both time-consuming and require long work hours to accomplish. Securing BPO services makes the work faster since the task is performed by a team that focuses specifically on delivering results.

Game Development

The millennial BPO workforce skilled and knowledgeable with code as well as firsthand ideas what consumers desire in gaming. Not only do clients get fresh information and technical knowhow but they are also able to tap into reliable data from the target market itself.
Businesses that depend on trends, new technology and service innovations are fairly difficult to keep current. The outsource market has kept itself up-to-date with all of them therefore, ensuring less areas of the business that need worrying.

Other popular BPO services in the Philippines are:

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