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How to build a team in the Philippines while being based in USA

Building a remote team in the Philippines from the US has benefits and challenges. From the spearheading experiences of pioneer startups, many businesses soon followed.  The success showed the feasibility and productivity of having offshore virtual teams here.

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The cash outlay to secure traditional leasehold or conventional offices to house these virtual teams is expensive and work-intensive.  The fixed rental period of one or more years can be problematic in cases of expansion, downsizing or relocation. Management, security and maintenance of the leased property are shouldered by the lessee. Hiring employees jacks up the cost. These offices are un-equipped and unplugged, the cost of equipping and plugging the office to the internet and telephone lines are very expensive.

Serviced offices (designated furnished workspace rental) and seat leasing (fully IT-equipped work space where seat count calculates rental cost) changed everything. They come in forms like factory floor-like offices, drab beige cubicles and modern 21st century open-plan spaces. Office set-up is no longer a challenge or burden.  Their “Plug in and Play” nature cuts down expenses and the challenges in leasing conventional office space. Work starts on move-in day. The convenience and flexibility are invaluable. The host provides meeting rooms, business centers and executive offices as business solutions for all sizes. Outsourcing companies that perform shared services facilities and co-sourcing expansions benefit from both options.

These works paces and working style have been a fundamental part of the North American property scene for more than 35 years serving small independent and owner-operated hubs to larger international groups. Many are found in well-known buildings. Company requirements in size, location, space and price have options to match. Millions of workers now go to furnished offices which don’t belong to their employer.

Serviced spaces and seat leasing has paved the way for businesses to maximize their limited resources. Through seat leasing, a business can get exactly what it needs and set the length it needs them. It can also save time on securing legal permits that can cause the delay in starting operations. A typical seat leasing package includes everything a business needs to operate such as computers, desks, chairs, conference rooms, and a high-speed Internet connection. This innovative property market offering has been proven to increase company and staff productivity, workplace convenience and satisfaction. These setups are here to stay and will dominate the property market setup globally later on in the future.

General infrastructure is already in place and offers an all-inclusive billing invoice that cover cost for the office, service add-ons, utilities, and availment of facilities. No need to fork out for IT equipment and other property details that cost time and money. Sites provide facilities for meeting with clients or external collaborators on site. Even a break-out area may be offered as an appropriate spot for informal meetings. These sites provide common areas like coffee or snack bars, self-service kitchens and dining areas for staff to freshen up or unwind.

At day’s end, the right choice is the office space that serves a lessee’s unique circumstances. The selection process can be quick with today’s availability of instant offices or a challenge if starting from ground zero.

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