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Human Dependence on Mobile Applications

The rise of mobile applications started in July 2008. Since then, the lifestyle of the current generation is changed forever.

A decade ago, two giant technology companies Google and Apple started releasing apps with the goal of making every human life easier. Indeed, mobile applications have been part of our lives.

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Being part of our lives means that even with our basic tasks, we have an app to help us. Everybody can relate that from the moment we wake up, we will check our phone to check the time or maybe emails and other social media applications.

A report from Huffington says that young adults spent ⅓ of their waking lives on smartphones. Another study conducted by Flurry Analytics says that people spend a staggering average of three hours and 40 minutes in apps.

That is why losing one’s phone would be a total disaster since our phones contain personal and important data and accounts.

Proving our dependence on mobile applications, here’s a list of facts and reasons why:

1. Doing Basic Tasks with Mobile Applications

For messaging and communicating, there is Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Messenger, Skype, and Viber. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook for sharing ideas and stuff. There are Netflix and Spotify for entertainment, Lazada, and Shopee for online shopping.

You can think of a task and there’s an app for that. You can do your banking transactions through mobile apps of your bank, you can track your health progress with some fitness apps, and you can even purchase your groceries.

Not just that, you can also book a ride using some apps like Grab or Uber or even find a new friend through dating apps like Tinder and Bumble.

It’s limitless. Thanks to mobile app developers for making our lives basically easier.

2. Increasing Productivity Through Mobile Applications

Stuck in traffic? Why not browse the latest fashion trends in your apps instead of getting frustrated by an eternal agony of traffic congestion? Now, you can even pay your electricity and water bills while concentrating in the bathroom.

While waiting for a friend just play with your games on your phone so you won’t get bored. And we’re all guilty of this: checking our social media apps while being stuck in a long queue or even just having an open or free time anytime and anywhere.

Mobile apps allow us to multi-task. Long queues in different institutions and businesses will soon disappear because everything will be done online through different mobile apps.

And who doesn’t want to be productive, right? In this era of procrastination and short human attention span, we still want things to be done.

3. Job Hunting Through Mobile Applications

Gone are the days where job seekers need to go to every company they want to work to pass their curriculum vitae or resume. Now, online applications have been preferred by most companies when recruiting. By simply uploading your resume to apps like Jobstreet, Indeed or LinkedIn, jobs are just one click away. Human Resources personnel and recruiters take advantage of it to pre-screen individuals and hopefuls.

Online shops are also becoming a way for entrepreneurs to sell their products. They use an app like Shopee to create an online boutique or store to earn a living. Also, some businesses are already developing their own mobile applications for better and easier customer experience.

4. Acquiring Important Information and News Through Mobile Applications

Some news agencies and newspapers are now developing their apps to disseminate information easily to their target audience.

Want to know the weather for the next week? There is AccuWeather or Yahoo Weather for that. Intrigued by national and local issues? Access that information through apps like NY Times or Inquirer Mobile.

Got lost? Just open your GPS and click your Maps app, and you’ll know the right direction.

Information is now more accessible to everybody because of the development of mobile apps. Just what cliche says; information is on our fingertips.

Now, you may ask yourself if it is a bad thing to be so dependent on mobile applications. If it does more harm than good then it is not. As long as it helps you with your daily life with proper balance, it will be a good thing. In this age of technology, one can not just stay stagnant now that everything is fastly evolving and changing. As Charles Darwin said; “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.”

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