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Inbound-Outbound Calling and Ways to Succeed in Both

Answering phone call seems easy. But for Call Centers, such phone calls are diamonds, possible market. Hence, a flourished customer-agent communication is the primary key to closing the deal. Call Center sales strategies can be classified into two: Inbound Calling and Outbound Calling. Both can strengthen the company’s marketing foundation, establish rapport and can be an edge over competitors.


Inbound-Outbound Calling

Inbound Calling is a strategy focused on taking calls from customers. You company may spend millions in order to generate calls and by the moment a customer calls you, put your best foot forward and make those millions spent seized and worthy.

Here’s how to turn your Inbound Call to a success:

•Proper Greeting is Key

Make sure to include these three elements when taking up call. (1) Make a brief salutation mentioning the company name e.g “Thank you for calling [Company Name]. (2) Tell the caller your own name (3) Offer your assistance in an open-ended question, “How may I help you today?”

•Connect as a Human being

Not as an automated responding machine. Customers would prefer talking to a live person who can swiftly answer questions and would rather just drop the call on boring, robotic and impersonal approach.

•Avoid Close-ended Responses

Questions answerable by Yes or No must be eluded. Provide follow-up questions and information to boost and establish longer communication but make sure to balance off your desire to communicate with respect for your customer’s time.

•Show respect by avoiding callers to get on hold

Avoid putting callers on hold for more than 30 seconds. If needed, tell the caller that you will be back shortly to have his issue/inquiry resolved.

•Confirm that you’ve Addressed your Callers Issue

End your call by clarifying if you have fulfilled your caller’s reason for contacting. This will make him feel that you’ve heard what he has to say and have resolved his issue.

Initiating calls to prospects-Outbound Calling, can be much challenging than the Inbound. Strategies must be established first before prospect picks up the phone. Here are few:

•Be careful of using scripts. Scripts can be helpful in retaining information. However, customers can detect weaved call center spiels. If in case you opt to use scripts, use simple language to make it easier to memorize and must comprise short sentences and paragraphs. Keywords must be highlighted so users would easily remember it and include it on conversations.

Use Polite Opening Greeting. Instead of “Hello, This is A from ABC Company” say, “Good morning, I was wondering if I can speak to Mr. X..” and once you’ve established connection, go straight to the point, thoroughly explain who you are and what you represent.

Be courteous. Thank your prospect for his time in speaking with you and show that you appreciate that their time is precious. “Thank you for taking my call. I appreciate that you are busy, this would take a moment..”

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