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Options for Creative Outsourcing

Creative outsourcing refers to projects that involve creativity. Examples of these are graphic design, videos, and written content. Most of these are used for marketing.


A creative person has now become an integral member of any marketing team. As such, you need to at least one. The sad reality is that you cannot expect one person to know everything about creativity.

People specialize in different aspects of art. Some are experts in still photos,  graphic design services, or editing. Some are highly skilled in video editing, while some are great at writing sales copies.    

Having said this, what your other alternatives if you want to outsource this kind of work. Below are three that you can look at.

Freelance – freelancers are individuals who will work for you for a project, or on a daily basis. You can hire them in job boards, and you can set a payment structure either per hour or per project basis.

One challenge in hiring a freelance creative designer is that you only depend on his claims as far as quality is concerned. There are those who are really good at their work, while there are those who use other people’s portfolio and showcase them as his.

You need to be diligent in hiring freelancers, especially in platforms that have no escrow. Some will take your money and not do the work, while some will do the work but they are not at part with your expectations.

Managed Operations Team – this kind of team refers to a group that sits in an office. You do not need to hire them as employees, as they offer creative process outsourcing services on a project basis. Think of it as an advertising firm that has people who specialize in many facets of design.

To work with these teams, you just need to consult with them and then discuss what you need. Managed services in the Philippines are your best bet, as they specialize in many types of creative design. After meeting companies that offer shared services in the Philippines, you need to agree on the project cost and the timeliness.

Upwork this is a freelance marketplace online where you can buy the services of experts. It is the leading platform on the world, and you are covered with protection by Upwork itself.

In here, you can either find an individual who is doing freelancing work, or you can work with graphic design outsourcing companies who listed their services in the platform. Prices vary, as there are those who offer very cheap prices, and there are those that give corporate rates.  


You have many options to outsource your needs for creative design. But if you are looking for high-quality output, then outsourcing in the Philippines is your best alternative. The companies you will find here are organized teams, not freelancers.

They occupy offices in buildings, and they only employed those who really are experts in their respective fields. You cannot go wrong with outsourcing to a managed team because they have a roster of specialists who will get the job done, as opposed to freelancers who are likely to use your project as a practice board.

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