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Options for Outsourcing: Telesales, Lead Generation & Survey

Options for Outsourcing: Telesales, Lead Generation & Survey

Starting up a new business is quite demanding. It requires massive time, effort, skills and of course, money. Owners will also encounter challenging decisions when it comes to managing the different areas especially when the business starts operating. In most cases, business owners opt to handle tasks internally, hire people with specialized skills to be part of the team. However, this is not considered to be a good and practical idea for small, budget-concerned companies and in these situations, outsourcing becomes the go-to option.

When we talk about outsourcing, we usually think of Accounting, Call Center Support, IT Helpdesk and Creative work as the most common functions businesses do outsource since then. Fortunately, the wonders of outsourcing aren’t limited in these zones. There are other functions blossoming around and are now gaining popularity in the outsourcing industry especially in the Philippines, naming some of them: Telemarketing, Lead Generation and Survey.

In this post, we will find out how these three options work and the ways it will benefit your business.


It may be one of the oldest forms to introduce brands, yet telemarketing still works effectively even today, in the digital age.

According to, “Telemarketing can help a wide variety of organizations achieve improved results in different ways. Though the most obvious form of telemarketing involves company calls to individuals at home to pitch them products, telemarketing is also a significant strategy in business-to-business sales, event promotion, political campaigning, and lead generation for more sophisticated sales procedures.”

Many international companies are turning to Asia, especially in the Philippines when it comes to outsourced telemarketing services. Outsourcing telemarketing services in the Philippines allows offshore companies to gain the following advantages:

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Access to experienced and skilled workforce
  • Time flexibility
  • Strong government support


Lead generation is the process of gaining people’s interest and including them eventually in the sales pipeline. Leads are sourced in different ways. This includes telemarketing, email marketing, events and advertisements.

Types of Lead generation

  • Inbound Lead Generation. This strategy involves the creation of campaigns that capture attention, drive people into your website and convert them into leads. It includes sign up pages and pop-ups that invite them to share contact information such as email addresses in exchange of information that your company will provide.
  • Outbound Lead Generation. Unlike inbound lead generation that is focused on letting your audiences make the first move, outbound lead generation works by finding potential customers and initiating the conversation. You’ll show yourself and the products you offer without them asking for it, instead of waiting for them to do the search online.

Why outsource lead generation services?

Outsourcing lead generation services from a trusted company provides a proper skill set and delivers outstanding work. A part of your in-house team may not know the appropriate approach, and outsourcing lead generation services can save you from horrors because creating leads is what they get paid for. They’ll do the research, client profiling and do follow-ups that your team may not be able to do not only due to the lack of expertise but also time as they need to focus on other areas of the business other than communicating with prospects.


Before running a survey, you may be required to develop software to collect the gathered data, formulate research-based questions and of course, find a person to conduct, manage and maintain the survey and the database. Most companies prefer to outsource their survey processes instead of stressing themselves with the above requirements. Having the right organization that understands, does the best survey approach, seamless collection and use of information is one of the main reasons why business organizations are turning to outsourced survey data processing.

Aside from this, you can expect to have the below benefits by outsourcing your surveys:

  • Time Management
  • Gather accurate, quality information
  • Customized survey processes that fits your business requirements

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