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Outsource Your Recruitment to the Philippines

Recruitment is a fundamental activity that is directly linked to the success of your company. The team decides who is fit for the job, and they also take care of setting up gatekeeping mechanisms, like exams and background checks, to ensure that the person you hire is qualified.

outsourcing recruitment in the Philippines

If done right, your business will run smoothly because you employed individuals who care about the output of your business. But if done wrong, you will realize that the mistake is costly, and can seriously put a dent on your business.

Here, we will take a look at why you should consider recruitment process outsourcing in the Philippines.

Leverage Expertise

Whether you want a virtual staff, a temp, or regular employees, there are recruitment services in the Philippines that can help you find the right person to do the job you require. These recruitment specialists have decades of experience in hiring, regardless of the position you are trying to fill in.  

Recruitment process outsourcing (RFO) is a specialization of Philippine companies, and they are comprised of individuals who took college courses related to this business aspect. They have academic and work background to facilitate tests, conduct behavioral assessments, and conduct interviews to filter candidates before passing the ones for your final assessment.  

Minimize Start-Up Cost

If you set up your own recruitment team, there is a lot of things that you need to pay for. You have to pay rent, construction for the different office cubicles, utilities, AC system, power, computers, software, and so much more.

If you outsource in the Philippines, you can rest assured that everything is ready. All you have to do is to help the team assess or create a job description, and then the hiring process can begin.

The BPO companies in the Philippines have the offices set-up. The computers are ready, along with tests that you can use to facilitate exams. The recruitment companies also have software to keep a database of applicants, along with other tools that applicants can log in to should they need to take a test from home.

The phones and telecommunication lines are also ready, and the recruitment offices can facilitate face-to-face interviews or video calls.

As you can see, you have zero expense because all the materials, peripherals, and offices are ready to operate.

No Recurring Costs

If you have your own recruitment team, you will pay them even after you have completed your hiring. As you know by now, you do not need to hire monthly. By the time you have filled your roster, your recruitment team will no longer have anything to do.

Take advantage of the business process outsourcing in the Philippines, and you will save on recurring costs because you only have to pay per project. Or you can pay per head that you hire. If there are applicants endorsed to you and you did not hire them, you do not have to pay a dime.  

Basically, you only pay for a job that was fulfilled, and not exactly per hour worked. After the hiring is over, you do not have to pay a recruitment team anymore on a salary basis.  

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