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Role of Virtual Assistant in Your Business

Hiring reliable people to do these tasks will help operations flow smoothly if your business runs significantly on repetitive administrative work. If you will do these tasks yourself, not only is it time-consuming, but it takes your focusaway from the fundamental goal of every business, which is to grow and scale.

The problem with hiring, especially in a start-up company, is that employee salary and compensation can be prohibitive. Hiring more than one person can cut through a considerable part of the company finances and be crippling if you are a small to mid-sized company.

The solution that many businesses do today is to outsource their employees offshore, such as BPO Philippines. Here you can hire a reliable and competent English-speaking virtual assistant (VA) who can do anything from basic to complex tasks.

What can a virtual assistant Philippines do for your company? Here are just some of the tasks you can outsource to a VA:

  • Data entry
  • Calendar management
  • Managing schedules and appointments
  • Answering and making phone calls
  • Writing tasks
  • Social media scheduling and monitoring
  • Graphics design
  • Bookkeeping

What value does a virtual assistant bring?

There are many ways a VA can help grow your business. Aside from the enormous savings on salary rate when you hire one offshore, you reduce operating costs because you don’t need to maintain an office to house your employees.

Here are more reasons a virtual assistant can help grow your business.

1. They bring in more clients.

VAs can help bring in more clients through marketing tasks, lead generation, and cold calling. The tasks you assign, such as sending out marketing emails, researching potential client information, and answering client inquiries, are essential to help reel in more clients.

2. They take care of repetitive tasks.

You have someone who can efficiently take care of those time-consuming and repetitive tasks, such as answering email inquiries, so you have more time for bigger things. You can concentrate instead on money-making strategies and marketing plans.

3. They help you maintain professionalism.

VAs are your support system. They can help you become professional even when you don’t like it. If you have them around, they will help maintain efficiency and professionalism in your company by ensuring files are updated and meetings/events happen as scheduled.

4. They help meet company goals.

VAs help to increase office productivity by helping to manage timelines, perform quality assurance tasks, and monitor company goals.

5. They help retain customers.

They help increase customer satisfaction by having someone take care of your clients’ needs. VAs can help answer questions that usually make customers hesitant to buy your products or book your service. Having a virtual assistant can help fill in that gap.

Types of virtual assistants to hire

Here are the different types of virtual assistants you can hire, with a general description of their common tasks.

Administrative virtual assistant

An administrative VA can do a variety of office tasks, including writing, making calls,

And managing schedules. If you have an administrative assistant, they can be assigned to handle task scheduling, calendar management, answering client inquiries, managing emails, and even some accounting work.

Real estate virtual assistant

Often hired by real estate agencies, these VAs help prepare paperwork, presentations, and research. They can also help with scheduling appointments, booking trippings, generating leads, and answering potential buyers’ queries.

Customer service virtual assistant

Many BPO companies in the Philippines offer customer service as their specialization. Their people are highly trained to handle inquiries from customers and clients with utmost professionalism. Their work may include managing bookings, offering promotions, setting up new accounts, handling complaints, and refunding process.

Social media virtual assistant

Social media VAs perform clerical tasks such as scheduling posts, data collection, tracking posts, and managing comments. It is important to note that a social media VA’s work differs from a social media strategist, writer, or marketer.

Wrapping Up

Virtual assistants in the Philippines are some of the most sought-after by overseas businesses because people are multilingual, highly-skilled, loyal, reliable, and tech-savvy. Their skills are world-class, and they level up their job above and beyond administrative work.

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