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Savings Potential of Outbound Telemarketing Services

Hiring BPO companies in the Philippines has become a popular business decision for many foreign companies and entrepreneurs. It is a practical option for those who want to expand their operations in the global market. Choosing a trusted provider in developing nations like the Philippines also helps business owners save money in terms of labor or salary, infrastructure, resources, and other overhead expenses.

savings potential of outbound telemarketing services

Here is the actual savings potential that companies should know if they are planning to work with an outbound call center:

No need to employ expert telemarketers

Outsourcing helps the company’s core teams to focus on vital operations and management rather than doing the outbound selling and generating leads. In addition, it spares the company from spending time, effort, and money in recruiting and providing training for their hired telemarketing staff. Outsourcing providers got you covered because they have top talents and expert sales teams to do the legwork. They employ English-proficient agents who are well-trained in telemarketing services, primarily outbound or “cold” calls, initiated without prior notice with the target clients. 

Increased brand awareness equates to more profits

Whether you are selling services or products, an outbound service provider can increase your profits and create stronger brand awareness. Call center companies in the Philippines have experienced teams who have mastered selling brands or enticing potential customers to patronize what you are offering. The sales agents and customer service team can speedily close deals and handle other related concerns. Moreover, outsourcing providers also take care of the leads, database, market research, and appointment setting. 

Agents of outsourcing locations have lower salaries

While you enjoy the perks of working with top outsourcing agents, the amount you spend on marketing campaigns and salaries is significantly reduced since the prevailing wages and benefits in most outsourcing destinations are lower. For example, if the US telemarketer’s average salary is $13 to $18 per hour, telemarketers in the Philippines receive $9 per hour. The cost per hour also increased during peak seasons and holidays in the United States. 

Access to the latest technology and tools

Philippine-based outbound call center services providers can provide clients with expert support and management functionality with the latest CRM tools, apps, resources, and technologies. Leveraging the skills of agents and modern technology ensures fast, smooth, and reliable telemarketing transactions.

Workflow continuity and round-the-clock services

Several call center companies’ expanded hours of operation to their off-shore clients allow workflow continuity, especially during project campaigns. This service is not always feasible in your location and entails additional pay to your in-house staff. Experienced telemarketers know that the right timing is the key to the success of any project; hence outsourcing providers connect with the target audience and prospects at the best time possible. 

The strategic location builds customer relationships

The telemarketing company’s location helps establish a close relationship with existing customers. Keeping in contact with them makes it easier to offer new campaigns and products that suit their demographics. Furthermore, the geographical position of the telemarketing provider improves the outreach number of new leads that can be converted to sales and profits.


Opting to hire the best outbound telemarketing services provider in your chosen location keeps you from spending colossal upfront capital to acquire or upgrade your facility, equipment, and technology to boost your sales chart. Letting trained professionals and agents do the job for you will make your management team focus on growing the business while your hired outsourcing company increases your profits and popularity in the global communities.

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