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Serviced Offices in the Philippines

Office space is paramount to realizing the maximum potential of a business concept in the real world. Traditionally, this would have involved sourcing a viable property. Leasehold option used to be the only option.  A series of alternatives sprung up in recent years attracting companies to take a more cost effective route. Serviced offices, seat leasing and co-working are now feasible choices for both physical and virtual teams.

Serviced Offices Philippines

A serviced office is an office or office building that is fully equipped and managed by a facility management company, also known as an office provider, who rents out individual offices or floors to other companies.  Serviced office packages are tailored to meet business needs, size and budget in a premium location thus, giving affordable options to choose from. The maintenance and upkeep is managed by the provider. There is one billing for all the availed services and incurred operational expenses. No need to pay utility companies like water, electricity, etc. separately.

Serviced offices are normally comprised of desks, chairs, internet, phone lines, receptions, admin help, pantry and refreshments stations. They are modern, furnished, plugged in and ergonomic instant offices with IT support for rent. This is an innovative offering in the Philippine property market.

Professionally-managed office spaces for startups and offshore teams, ready for occupancy on demand, makes launching a startup relatively easier. These ready offices are strategically positioned in prime, prestigious and logistically-advantageous business districts designed to cater to various industries. The location of these offices were carefully planned to ensure lessees have easy access to banks and other businesses that offer support.

These serviced offices are bundled with Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES), making it an appealing choice when compared to building an office from scratch. These serviced offices offer both private and shared spaces; are fully-furnished with plugged in work stations backed up by a round-the-clock IT support operating 24/7 to meet the time differences between the lessees and their clients for flawless operations. Lessees enjoy access to the internet, telephony, bars, board room, conference rooms, multifunction rooms and pantries along with the prestigious interior design.

Another option for professional office space is the co-working setup. This is ideal for startup, small business and businesses that’s either scaling up or down. These collaborative work spaces open networking and brainstorming opportunities with other business people in a private but flexible, casual and work-friendly environment. Further, statistics report that pretty offices that come with fully loaded amenities creates a productive co-working workforce.

In 1903, open space office concept first originated in New York. Austria spearheaded the co-working trend this century that spread across Europe and the US. Later in 2008, with the surge of self-employed freelancers, co-working boomed in the UK that ultimately gave professional office freedom. Professional contractors share a work space with others from other industries for a nominal fee on a flexible contract.

Co-working spaces offer flexible terms and rates. Prices are based on the business scale and needs. Moving to a larger private office is also a given option should the demand arises. Work stations are provided fixtures based on headcount and give additional furniture or larger workspaces as the business grows. Most co-working stations provide open refreshment and sleeping areas for those who do 24-hour operations. Flexible and cost-effective office space solutions cover all areas that make business flow smoothly with perfect working conditions and allow freelancers to enjoy being part of a working collective.

Flexible top-notch serviced offices and co-working work spaces that fit the operational needs and size of the business are ready to serve clients in the Philippines. Office space in impressive location that offer economical solutions at low start-up costs are scattered throughout Manila and Metro Manila’s central districts like Makati, Alabang, BGC Taguig, Mandaluyong, Quezon City, Pasig and Ortigas Center. They are also in Provincial Metro Districts of Cebu, Iloilo, Davao, Cagayan De Oro. Further, some office providers have a wide network of office spaces across many countries globally which makes them very appealing. For inquiries, you can write to

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