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Set Up Remote Teams in Philippines Using Shared Services and Serviced Offices

Offshoring in the Philippines has been the most cost-effective option available to many business enterprises from conglomerates to small and medium scale businesses in top world economies. Paying a fifth of the salary to have a remote team in the Philippines increases not only profits but also company equity. The reduced cost in having either or both shared services and managed services professional virtual assistants boost productivity. This can only equate to higher earnings and increased assets. This contribution to the world economy made BPO Philippines a top world player in the global outsourcing market.

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Though the cost of acquiring an offshore team in the Philippines is already cheap, the competition has proven to be neck and neck over the years. Despite this, revenues have steadily enjoyed vertical growth, contributing 6.3% to the Philippine GDP. With this, other industries formulated ways to gain their own piece of the pie.

Among these industries is the Property Development Market. The real estate industry in the Philippines had stagnant growth two decades ago. Most developments were primarily residential. This was due to the high unemployment rate in the country. The spending power of the typical Filipino worker was on a “food to mouth” status. The country’s highest income earners were the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). They were the ones targeted by real estate developers.

Offshoring paved a new direction and direction in the property market. After witnessing the success and branching out of economic zones throughout the country, developers started new projects in major metropolitan areas nationwide. Buildings and economic centers were built to cater to BPO startups and expansions. Each developer incorporate shared services or managed services to attract property seekers. The price is heavily dependent on accessibility, expandability, modern work-conducive design and contemporary amenities

Filipino Virtual Assistants are among the finest in the world who are not limited to just product development, customer service or sales. They are expert brand ambassadors who add to your market appeal and credibility. They are strategically trained to speak your native language, adapt to your culture and provide quality service that meet or exceed market standards.  The basic Filipino education and culturally encrypted hospitality molds call center agents to be at par with various skills needed to perform their task well.

Filipinos are well known as complete packages of good speakers who are professional, empathetic and hospitable. Their patience, adaptability and resilience allow them to be effective members of your business organization. Their loyalty is centered on Filipino core values which make for a loyal and dedicated workforce that are highly dependable to meet every demand or need.

Resourcing of services and skills training is shared side by side while closely monitoring adherence to your organization’s policies, providing departmental effectivity to become your internal service provider for whatever function is necessary. 

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