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Some Psychological Tricks for an Effective Email Newsletter

Some Psychological Tricks for an Effective Email Newsletter

You might be surprised that with all these Instagram stories, Snapchat tools and Facebook features, email newsletter is still hailed as one of the most effective forms of marketing today.

Sure, social media feeds are fun and new, but when we’re talking about power and hard conversions, we can always turn to emails.

But what makes an email newsletter convincing and popular?

In this post, we will be tackling proven psychological tricks that will take your marketing campaign to the next level. 

FOMO and Scarcity

Also known as the Fear Of Missing Out. As per Computers in Human Behavior, it’s “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent.” A simple trick to make your target market eager to purchase your product is to make them feel that they need to catch every opportunity or else they may be left out. 

Nobody wants to be left behind, right?

FOMO often comes with its little sister, Scarcity. An interesting concept where target markets feel a sense of urgency and have to take action with regards to a limited amount of product offered on a limited time at a discounted price. FOMO and Scarcity, when applied on email newsletters, increases desirability, these two make customers feel powerful, that the offers they purchase are exclusive and more valuable.

Use the magic word “FREE”

Customers always want to get a little bonus in almost everything, and the word “FREE” gives businesses an edge when used in email marketing content. This draws attention and can encourage the market to purchase offers that sometimes they don’t even need at all. Magic, indeed.

To make it more effective, use a pleasant typography and position this word in an eye-catching spot.


It is best described as the idea of giving back when something is received. It’s giving away something valuable as a return after performing an act that helps a business. Reciprocity makes customers feel special, makes your brand memorable thus, establishes a constant relationship.

Social Proof

A trigger wherein customers depend on the actions of others in order for them to come up with their own. Factors that are incorporated with this trick are endorsements by celebrities, suggestions from friends and from the people they follow. A famous celebrity saying something good about a product generates an impact to its followers’ buying behavior thus, causing the product to have a competitive position in the market.

The color psychology

As discussed in The Color Theory popular brands take advantage of the capabilities of colors to draw attention, especially in creating logos, but that doesn’t end there, colors have an impact on newsletters, too. However, we must be cautious, as the way customers perceive colors varies on where it is being used.

For example, red is used often in food company logos as this prompts hunger, but this color reflects a far different emotion when used in web designs. It usually indicates that something might take you to danger. In email marketing, making use of this caution can save your content from driving an opposite impression to your target recipients.

Email marketing, though considered mature compared to what today’s technology can offer, is still an interesting and effective tool marketers can rely on. Learning these psychological tricks for an effective email newsletter, aside from catching viewer’s attention, generates conversion and builds relationships. With these, create powerful email newsletters that are hard to resist!

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