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Stress Management Techniques for Work From Home Call Center Staff

Stress Management Techniques for Work From Home Call Center Staff

The health risks brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic has forced big and small call center companies around the world to make an immediate change on its routines and structure. Work from home arrangement for employees have been made necessary to at least minimize exposure and prevent the transmission in the work area. To some call center staff, working from home brings a lot of perks to enjoy, from zero  commutes, customized work environment, unlimited coffee breaks, reduced office dramas to more work days with pajamas on.

Indeed, the fantasy of working from home seems to be that glamorous, but with all the advantages it brings, the entire work from home experience evokes new challenges that call center professionals must gracefully overcome. During this time, the boundaries between professional and personal life completely blurs and juggling between home and work responsibilities becomes a lot more difficult that employees no longer recognize what to prioritize first. Also, part of the challenge includes the adaptation to new technologies, having to learn new ways to communicate with the team since physical communication that we are so used to becomes restricted. Back in the office days, answers to questions can be received quickly, but now we have to figure it out on our own.

Are you one of the professionals struggling in the new normal?

Continue reading as we give you the best tips to help you cope with stress and stay mentally healthy while working remotely.

Best Ways to Handle Stress While Working From Home

I. Set up an official work area

Setting up your own home office, ideally in a small room or just a simple corner with a desk and computer where you do all the professional stuff can be a great help for you to enter into your work mindset and easily stay away from anything that’s part of your personal life. Working at the bed or lounging on the couch the whole day will make it harder for you to drift away from your home vibe, thus affecting your productivity and mental health.

II. Start early

Working from home means you no longer have to get out of bed early for your daily commute, even getting up on time can be challenging knowing that your workplace is just right around the corner. But believe it or not, getting started on time or perhaps a bit earlier than usual is another way to help you cope with stress. Diving to work as soon as you wake up can help you feel more in control of your schedule. Priorities can be accomplished as early as possible, cramming and chances of working overtime will be reduced.

III. Craft your own schedule and strictly follow it

There are so many hours that make up a day, and most work from home employees take advantage of it. Knowing that you have more time ahead, you might tend to start working late, then realize it’s almost lunch time and your task is not even half done. Working from home allows you to work with freedom, but know that you have to remain on top of things. Create a schedule and have the discipline to follow it. Find out what part of your working schedule you are more conditioned to do your job productively, follow your scheduled breaks and before ending your day, take at least 10 minutes to list down the tasks planned for tomorrow.

IV. Set boundaries

People living with us might assume that working from home means not doing any work at all which results in conflict between our personal and work lives. Set your boundaries by creating agreements with people in your household, this strategy may be hard as this needs other people’s cooperation but it is paramount if you are serious in making clear and healthier work and life limitations.

V. Get enough sleep

Quality sleep prepares you for the day. Getting better sleep allows your brain to clean out waste and provides enough energy for your brain cells to seamlessly process information. Sleep deprivation makes your brain less creative and your focus becomes twisted. Thus, the struggle of getting started at work intensifies.

Call center employees are already experiencing stress and burnout even before this health and economic crisis, but these strange times might have doubled the burden. Human beings are bound to feel stressed the same way we deserve to feel happy and relieved. Remember that it’s okay to feel uneasy today but at least don’t let it consume you. With all the fleeting struggles you might have encountered and conquered before, remember that this too, shall pass.


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