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The Guide to Hiring Remote Employees for your Virtual Office

The Guide to Hiring Remote Employees for your Virtual Office

Finding the right remote staff can be a lot more difficult than recruiting people for an office-based contract. While the traditional recruitment requires a series of personal interviews, hiring the perfect candidate for a work from home set up is usually done online, which makes it harder for employers to evaluate the candidate’s skills and characteristics for the role.  

Although working from home becomes increasingly common and is preferred by most especially those that are under the outsourcing, creative and call center industries due to the convenience, savings and work-life balance it promotes, it can only be considered successful if business leaders would be lucky enough to find the perfect fit.

Boost the chances of hiring the best by considering the points below.

Work first on your virtual office structure

Finding the right remote staff isn’t always about their qualifications. Successful hires also have something to do with your remote work policies. Let them know about your expectations- working hours, job description, required tools and equipment (if not provided by the company) and performance evaluations. Also, clearly discuss the things they can expect from you in return (benefits, incentives etc) This will serve as a guide for the candidate and will help the leader measure performance and productivity.

Understand the basic remote work skills

In crafting the role description and the list of qualifications, note that you are not only looking for a candidate who can manage and fulfill the job, but a person who can do it with minimal guidance. Not every professional can smoothly do their tasks from home and without the following characteristics, your company’s work from home plans might fall flat.

–          Communication skills

–          Organizational skills

–          Being fairly tech-savvy

–          Disciplined and motivated

–      Trustworthy

–      Flexible

Meet them face to face

Face to face contact doesn’t mean that you have to meet them personally. Take advantage of software and applications available online like Google Hangouts, Zoom and Skype so you can watch out for some non-verbal red flags, tone of voice, facial expressions and gestures that will help you weigh out if they are a perfect fit for your unique culture and work environment.

Assign them with longer tasks

Most remote work organizations provide longer projects that take hours, or even days to complete. This is done to test their patience, capabilities and the quality of work they can deliver when given some in-depth projects. It is also advisable for employers to offer these as paid exams to alleviate the candidate’s impression that you as a business leader is just trying to get an actual task done for free.

Whether you are to establish a work from home call center team, remote creative team or any industry that is viable to operate under a work from home set up, it is necessary to follow the above to attract the right workers that will help you to successfully roll out your company’s long-term goals.  

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