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Three Reasons Why Coworking Spaces Are Fueling the Growth of Outsourcing Services in the Philippines

Working from home is the ultimate dream of many people. The problem in this situation is that it can be very difficult to concentrate, especially so if your house is not conducive to work. Sometimes, there is too much noise, or it is too hot.

To solve this, many freelance workers choose to share a space with other freelancers. This approach or relationship is called co-working.

In a coworking space, you share the bills equally with others for the same office, and you get your own cubicle. It does work wonders for a BPO in the Philippines, as the individuals or companies can now get the same amenities without applying for the entirety of the rent.

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Let us take a look at the benefits of seat leasing services in the Philippines to see how it is fueling the growth BPO in the country.

Shared Costs

If you take advantage of a coworking space Ortigas, it does not mean that you only get a cubicle. Sometimes, companies with more budget can share an entire floor, with the bigger company probably renting 75% of the floor.

This can also happen between individual freelancers where they share a 60-sqm office, and each gets a spot on his own. The result of this tandem is that the utilities are shared.

The cost of the rent is also shared, so if there are ten individuals sharing an office, all expenses will be divided by ten. This makes it easier for start-up companies to rent a decent office instead of starting a business from a garage.

Increased Productivity

If you think about it, shared offices make the freelancers more productive. Here, they can share the same amenities as other tenants do, and these amenities may not be available in their houses.

For example, some small or mid-sized call centers in Metro Manila, Philippines are operated by an individual or two, and they can share the costs of better internet services with others instead of paying for it from their own pockets.

Those that are in the freelancing business can also become more productive because there are no distractions like the one found at home or in a typical corporate environment.

As you meet other freelancers, you also get motivated to work harder and longer hours. And of course, you want to ensure that you work more than enough so you can pay for the cost of your share.     

Fits All Kinds of Businesses

From a perspective of shared services vs BPO, both can actually benefit from the set-up. As mentioned earlier, there are mid-sized companies that share the same floor with another one. The only thing they have to do is to set up walls to clearly delineate the limitations.

This kind of set-up encourages BPO companies in the Philippines to set up their offices in their various places. The benefit of having multiple locations is that there is a contingency plan should there be calamities in other cities that can prevent the employees from working.   

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