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Twitter Marketing: Tips on Establishing Brand Through Twitter

Twitter Marketing Tips on Establishing Brand Through Twitter

Twitter is known for its micro-blogging capabilities. In just 280 characters, the 330 million active users of this platform can deliver their message, news, promotion and even their own personal thoughts through Tweets. But with the limit of message and media that can be posted on this popular social media platform, is it really possible to build a brand through Twitter marketing?

Yes, it actually is. The limit of twitter responds to the continuous decrease of the average human attention span, which is now 8 seconds. You can fully absorb a whole tweet, in full 280 characters, in just 8 seconds.

Now, after creating a twitter account for your brand and following prominent people and entities, what should you do next?

List down what you want to happen

Is it to increase your sales? Discover potential audience? Deliver your brand message? Or simply be seen by people? Once your goals are defined, you will know what kind of tone, content and even behavior you will use in the platform.

Competing with over 500 million tweets every day is a challenge for any twitter account handler, especially if you are serious about creating a huge and loyal following.

Know when to tweet

There may be hundreds of thousands of tweets every second, there is still the right time to tweet. It is said that Friday is the best day to be active on Twitter; best time is between 9 am and 10 am; and the safest times to post on every day are between 10 am and 12 pm. Also, Sunday mornings are the worst time for engagement on twitter. Take note of this time.

Create a sleek and clean profile

Twitter is all about getting the job in the most straightforward manner. No more fancy twitter handles, just put your brand name and upload your logo as your Twitter icon. And then bring out your wit to compose a brief, relevant and tone-adjusted bio. Always take note of your audience. 


The magic words are tweet, reply, retweet and follow. Being included in the conversation will further your knowledge about your audience’s preferences. Also, respond fast simply because people expect you to do so. One study shows that 42% of consumers plan to get a response from a brand within just one hour.

Engaging also means creating polls and asking for feedbacks and opinions. This way, not only you will get knowledge on what your audience thinks, but you also show that you care for them.

Produce and share visual content

Visual is easily absorbed, especially in this platform. Be it memes, a simple infographic, a four-picture presentation, GIFs or a two-minute video as these are considered ‘retweetable’ content. This will help you increase your engagement that you needed as 82% of all users view video on this platform.

Establish a human tone

 A company or a brand is still an entity, and it doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to tweet like a human. Enough of those formal, business-like tone tweets because that would intimidate your followers. The first thing you would want to be when your brand is on Twitter is to be relatable. This will create an online personality that, of course, should still be in line with your brand image.

Use Hashtags

“A hashtag is a keyword or a phrase used to describe a topic or a theme, which is immediately preceded by the pound sign (#). Hashtags help users find topics that are of interest to them. For example, “dogs” could be a hashtag, and so could “border collie puppy training.” One is a broad topic and the other is a phrase that’s far more specific.” (

A trick; use those hashtags and terms on the trending list to your content so you can be easily included in the current conversation. Of course, what you’ll tweet shall still be relevant and related to the hashtag.

Follow your competitors

Practice the game theory. You should know what your competitors are doing so you’ll know what standard you will beat. Simple as that!

It is enough to consider Twitter as one of the perfect avenue to build a solid online presence and establish a brand in the digital world as this is one of the Big Three social media platforms today. With its no-nonsense and quick micro-blogging capabilities, it will enable brands to easily reach an audience in a more personal manner.

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