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Types of BPO’s operating from Philippines

The Philippine Information Technology Business Process Management (IT-BPM) industry is a thriving in the Philippines, not only has it contributed to the annual national GDP but also gave employment to over half a million Filipinos and the number continually rises. The industry is divided into eight subsectors namely:

Philippine BPOs

Philippine BPOs either functions as call or contact centers. Call centers focus mainly on incoming and outgoing calls while contact centers offer both voice and data-centric communication in the form of email, web chat and web sharing. Some customers are not satisfied with mere calls. They require written and visual communication.

Common Types of BPO Services in the Philippines are:

1. Call Center Services

This sector performs their work using the telephone: telecalling, telesales, appointment setting are the gist of their operation.

2. Data Entry Services

Outsource data entry is simply not just inputting raw data into a computer software. BPOs provide data management that clearly defines an entry with date, scanning, processing, archiving and others as specified by the outsourcer.

3. Human Resource (HR) Services

HR outsourcing covers the entire recruitment process, onboard training, human resource management and payroll services.

4. Information Technology Operations (ITO) / IT Enabled Services (ITES)

ITES provide a wide range of intensive business and knowledge processes along with all functions of BPO subsectors. Remote services offered by BPOs are powered by information technology. ITES explores and exploits information technology to maintain and improve the company’s efficiency in executing its multiple functions. Earlier this year, news came out that ITES/BPO firms from Hyderabad and Bangalore are shifting their bases in Philippines because of its IT competency.

5. Financial and Accounting Services

BPOs provide outsourcers with bookkeeping, credit collection, account receivable and payable consolidation and payroll services. Meanwhile KPOs offer specialized high value services. They perform core business functions. Workers here have specialized skills and specific industry experience or expertise. They are usually more skilled than average BPO workers.


Common Types of KPO & Back Office Services in the Philippines

1. Healthcare Services

KPOs deliver reduced administration costs to healthcare providers, ensure patient satisfaction and simplify the claim process for insurance carriers. Most offer medical transcription services and hire both qualified and licensed medical field professionals to provide services like health analysis, research and development, medical coding, genetic profiling, diagnostics, tele-pathology and billing.

2. Banking and Finance Services

Financial institutions like banks and insurance companies are provided with licensed accountants and experienced professionals knowledgeable in banking, investment, taxation and statistics knowledge to perform strategic, market, and financial services research, analytics, risk mitigation, consultancy and training.

3. Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing services cater to the outsourcer’s online audience to increase sales. BPOs offer SEO; web and mobile app development and design; email content and social media marketing as well as customer conversion.

4. Legal Services / Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)

LPOs (Legal Process Outsourcing) cut down the cost of law firms thru outsourcing a legal team to handle temporary or low scale cases, research and perform paralegal function and documentation lawyers need for litigations.

5. Animation and Design

KPO providers have talented artists that can do animations in 3D, motion graphics, Flash, and cartoon characters at low cost.

6. Engineering Service Outsourcing (ESO)

ESO is the sustainable future of the Philippine outsourcing industry. This shift from entrusting Filipinos with sub-critical to critical functions along with the emerging growth of IOT and AI will be the major trends in the ESO industry. Our vast number of engineers can soon enjoy high-paying careers without becoming migrant workers. The country’s strict privacy policies opened the doors to ESO operations.

The diverse services available serviced by educated and qualified professionals showcase the Philippines as a truly reliable outsourcing destination worldwide. For inquiries, you can write to

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