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Why Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines?

Any growing business and its senior management need support in the non-core areas of operations. This is the best way to optimize the time value of its senior management. This is where Virtual assistants enter to relieve senior management of the mundane but nevertheless very important organizational tasks. Over the last few years, there has been a surge in the number of people who work as freelancers and are becoming a part of the global human cloud. Employing techniques have shifted among organizations and entrepreneurs alike, and with the covid pandemic transforming the way we live, hiring digitally and using virtual assistants is becoming the norm.

 Virtual Assistant in the Philippines


The Philippines is a major supplier of virtual assistants and remote employees. The outsourcing sector in the nation has grown at the same rate as the outsourced market, increasing by 51 percent since 2008 and predicted to increase by another 25% by the end of 2025. The outsourcing sector in the Philippines is growing as there is increasing demand for its human capital and one of the important subsectors is the growth of virtual assistants. We must now try to understand why many companies use virtual assistants from the Philippines and what sets them apart? What qualifies the Philippines as a supplier of virtual assistant talent?

Hardworking Filipinos

People in the Philippines are known for its hard effort and recognize that success comes from performing a good job. Thus, it is very evident that most developed countries have a very high demand for Filipino workers as overseas workers. But with a country of 110 Million population, there is so much talent that is living in the Philippines. They’re recognized for devoting time to do well at work and are very process compliant. Filipinos are known to work very hard and have good work ethics making them recognized as hardworking talent.

 Labor Costs Are Lower

Because labor costs are substantially lower in the Philippines, many small company owners, enterprises, entrepreneurs, and startup firms use Filipino virtual assistants. Instead of paying $ 3000 per month for an assistant in the United States, you may have an excellent virtual assistant in the Philippines for $ 600 to 700 per month. Many firms also save money by not having to pay as much in employee taxes and office expenses. The costs may be little higher if you go to a outsourcing company but then you get an additional value in terms of better management, continuity and office infrastructure for your virtual assistants

Filipinos are known for English Skills

Good English skills have been a very vital factor for tremendous growth in the BPO industry of the Philippines. The culture of English was forged under the policies of the US administration and it has immensely benefited the people of the Philippines. The Philippines BPO industry is recognized as the destination of choice for English voice calls.

Communication is crucial in any transaction, but it becomes even more important in a role like a virtual assistant, which is like a role expansion of a multi-tasking executive assistant. In the Philippines, English is the principal medium of teaching and is regarded as a second language. You’ll find it simple to offer directions and work with a Filipino virtual assistant if you’re an entrepreneur wanting to engage a virtual assistant in the Philippines. Good English skills have been a very vital factor

The literacy rate among Filipinos is very high.

The Philippines has one of the highest literacy rates in the world, at 96.2 percent. Making sure that the virtual assistant you’re going to work with has the basic skills of reading and writing is crucial. Literacy and good education also help in complex problem solving thus making them good virtual assistants to deal with the senior management

Philippines is a melting pot of many cultures.

Philippines has been a melting pot of cultures with its Asian roots, Spanish influence of the past, and in the later years, the influence of USA. Besides that lot of Filipinos who return home after working as overseas foreign workers bring that cultural diversity

Virtual Assistants in the Philippines are among the most versatile and flexible professionals on the planet. Living on an island and dealing with invaders and foreign merchants for hundreds of years, Filipino virtual assistants have a natural ability to adapt to the cultures they operate in

Versatility of Young Filipinos

Young Filipinos are very active on the Internet and social media. Thus your virtual assistant in the Philippines besides being good at administrative tasks will come with a good understanding of social media. Filipinos are also very creative persons thus bringing more versatility as that is an important trait for virtual assistants

Yes, there are virtual assistants all over the globe with different talents and strengths, but the fact that Filipino virtual assistants continue to be one of the most sought-after virtual assistants in the outsourcing sector due to aforementioned reasons

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