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Virtual Teams And Offices in Philippines

The cost of securing and setting an office is relatively high for startups and small businesses. Location is very important in attracting the right clients. Accessibility, security and presentability are major considerations. Company image is often associated to the business address and interior. It gives the impression of seriousness and business know-how when positioned in the right place like a business district or exclusive yet accessible building.


More than that, an office needs professional staff to oversee the daily business operations. The office needs to appear professional. Business-conducive furniture, equipment and fixtures need wise and big budget allocation to build the company image as well as make it functional. A workforce that consists of a receptionist, staff and security guard completes the business façade. The cost involved in the initial development of the business is no joke. These are stumbling blocks that hinder many “would-be” entrepreneurs from realizing their dreams of entrepreneurship.

Virtual offices solve this issue for startups. Entrepreneurs can now jumpstart their business and have access to a manned world-class office space at minimal cost. A dedicated office crew, a corporate address, business phone line, internet access, office equipment, furniture and fixture, conference room and facilities that make for a real operational business office are ready to service the business.

A virtual office enables a virtual team of remote workers and start-ups to work from different locations by providing a range of business functions accessible through the internet. It also enables organizations to create and maintain a presence in a desirable location without the need to pay rent for an actual space. A home office provides functionality. The downside is, it doesn’t always create the business persona and stability that a startup need to project publicly.

It is costly for entrepreneurs to hire a full-time staff. However, two or more minds and hands working together cover more ground and the much needed work. Virtual workers fill this need. White-boarding and brainstorming creative ideas are important to in taking the business to the next level. Online platforms showcase freelance professionals offering business owners the perfect virtual team candidates.

Here, a startup can secure the services of a virtual team. Virtual assistants or freelance professionals work part time, full time or on contract basis. Most of these professionals have ITES home office setups. They are ready to provide the intensive business processes and impart knowledge an entrepreneur needs to navigate the business word.

For established businesses who require more security, a collaborating virtual and management team to oversee operations, outsourcing is the best option. Outsource vendors offer a more systematic solutions for startups and businesses transitioning to an offshore location. They offer representation that comes with a virtual address, a furnished and ITES-ready office, offshore team and all the needed business processes demanded by the client’s business from appointment setting, telemarketing, telesales and customer service.

Outsourcing companies also give value-added services like data mining, analytics, reports and market research with scheduled reports taking more workload off the outsources plate and more time to grow the business.  For inquiries, you can write to

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