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What is Outsourcing and how does it Actually Work?

What is Outsourcing ? Outsourcing is simply the process of obtaining a third-party institution to perform partial business functions instead of hiring an in-house employee or department.


Outsourcing companies operate to domestically or internationally assist a corporate entity in its activities. Provide support in accomplishing business activities usually of Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and individuals with financial and/or manpower restrictions. But today, more companies regardless of the size are now turning to outsourcing as it is an absolute way for business entities to focus more on its competencies, choosing outsourcing as a way of reducing costs as there will be no need to provide benefits to employees and less expenses are to be worried about.

The progress of Business Outsourcing in Asia

            Asia has dominated the world with its Outsourcing expertise. Countries such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines are few of the most favored destinations for Outsourcing in Asia as Asia cradles a great population of highly-skilled, educated individuals to perform their expertise. These language-proficient individuals offer their specializations as English-Speaking Customer Service providers, Collections specialists, Outbound Sales Agents and Telemarketing agents.

Top Countries for Outsourcing in Asia

            India, one of the world’s preferred Outsourcing destinations, lies in its huge talent pool of resources which has a population of over 1.2 billion people and approximately 3.1 million graduates are added to their workforce every year. This, together with flexible pricing options and high-quality infrastructure and technology are positive considerations for any offshore countries to choose India for Outsourcing.

            Indonesia and Malaysia, with enormous government focus in upgrading incentives for investments as well as the strength of English-fluency of both country’s population are only few of their outsourcing advantages.

            Cost is the number one reason companies are benefiting from outsourcing in the Philippines. The cost of labor is typically half of the cost in developed countries. The client doesn’t have to pay for office space, taxes and equipment which adds up to more than 60% budget savings. English is one of the top spoken language in the Philippines thus, companies can acquire workforce with guaranteed language competency. These talents are flexible to diversified outsourcing positions- Telemarketing and Collections agents, English-Speaking Customer Service specialists, Outbound Sales Agents and desk support.

            Outsourcing in the Philippines opens opportunities for a stronger global corporate market while enabling possibilities to showcase skills and empower capabilities of Filipino experts.

Choose the Right Outsourcing Partner

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