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Why Do Most Companies Prefer to Hire Filipino Telemarketers?

When entrepreneurs talk about call centers, what comes to their minds are Filipinos and call center companies in the Philippines. The reason for this is the fact that Filipinos are professional, caring, hardworking, and skilled. But these are not the only things that make Filipinos stand out as telemarketers. 

If you’re a business owner looking to outsource your call center needs, consider working with Filipino telemarketers. If you need clarification on whether this is a good choice, read the reasons below. 

Filipino telemarketers

High-Quality yet Cost-Effective Service

Outbound companies in the country offer one of the most affordable services worldwide. However, despite its affordability, you can ensure high-quality service because of the agents’ high literacy rate. 

According to the English Proficiency Index, Filipinos can compete with countries like the United Kingdom and the United States. The United Nations (UN) even identified the Philippines as the Southeast Asian with the most literate citizenry. 

Service quality is challenging, so English proficiency and literacy are good places to start. These points can significantly benchmark a telesales company’s performance and capacity to communicate with different clients. 

According to UNESCO, high literacy means stability. This also suggests that a specific individual or country has an excellent primary education system that allows a large part of its population to communicate effectively. 

Strict Employee Standards

Anyone who tried working in BPO companies in the Philippines would understand how strictly the company regards its established key performance indicators (KPIs). These KPIs include average handling time (AHT), attendance, and dissatisfaction (DSAT) rates. 

You can’t just call in sick anytime you want. You must have a valid reason to do so. You must also adhere to the shifting schedule. The lower your AHT, the better your call numbers per day. If you deliver customer requests, the lower your DSAT rates will be. 

All these metrics help the company gauge employee performance. You will receive corresponding penalties if you fail in any of these measures. If you constantly do any of these, you can have yourself fired.  

These may be tough on the employees, but it also ensures that the company delivers quality and timely service to the clients. They also work with committed, dedicated, skilled professionals who know what they do. Indeed, Filipinos offer the best outbound call center services

Telemarketing Companies in the Philippines also use Email Collateral

A vast majority of outbound telemarketer calls never reached the desk of the company’s key decision-maker. The number could increase when the telemarketing company relies on call campaigns. Even if the message comes from the critical people in the company, it takes time and enough persuasion before they act positively. 

This differs from B2B companies offering outbound telemarketing services in the country. These led generation companies also use email collateral or direct mail to bring the message straight to the company decision-maker. Most of these people ask for additional information before they decide. This is where email collateral adds value. 

They send this information to learn more about your product or service offerings. They can quickly decide if they find what you offer is what they need. This process softened your prospects, allowing them to understand better and get to know your products. 

You can supplement the conversations between prospects and telemarketers with an impactful email. If your prospect has further questions, they can just email you back right away so that you can offer them a comprehensive explanation. 


For solid reasons, Filipino telemarketers employed in outbound call centers are well-liked and preferred over other races. Aside from having neutral accents, these telemarketers also go above and beyond to deliver their client’s needs. 

On top of that, they’re patient enough to explain things calmly, even to a dissatisfied customer. If you mesh these traits with professionalism, English proficiency, and hospitable nature, you get telemarketers ready to compete globally. 

If you wish to hire the services of telemarketers working in BPO Philippines, talk to us today! We’re more than ready to offer competitive service. 

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