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Why & How to setup a Call Center or Outsource?

If you are racking your brains as to how to set up or outsource your call-center saving both on time and productive resources. We must explore a number of options so that we can establish clear reasons why we need to outsource call centers in the first place. Though we have an able alternative to establishing a multi-channel contact center but it is indeed an expensive proposition. One has to invest a lot in facilities equipment and technology. So what are the chief reasons we should establish effective outsourcing set-up.

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Reasons to Outsource your Call-Centre

Besides the main reason of saving costs and the quality of the productive resources suitably enhanced, there are numerous other reasons to set up your call center.

  • Much Reduced Cost– Major investments are required in the form of equipment, staffing, operations for the setting up a call center. Outsourced call-centers divide these expenses between many clients. These clients benefit by paying for the services needed for transaction purposes or for paying on per hour basis. The outsourcers can also benefit from sharing agents also they can also benefit by getting more work on time and also getting reduced rate per call.
  • Flexibility– An in-house call center can be at the mercy of dipping in call volumes and suffer from lean patch when agents stay idle. Outsourcing call centers can protect these centers from these unfavorable times as there are many clients to cushion its volatility. Agents can work more effectively and manage can manage the staff more effectively, also ensuring that there are reduced rates per call.
  • Increased profits– Outsourcing your call centers can bring about a marked improvement in profits and quality productivity and performance is suitable enhanced. The overall aspect of the business gets a much-needed fillip.
  • Specialized knowledge– Specialized knowledge can help the business flourish better; outsourcing can bring quality knowledge on the table via different clients.

What are the Points to Consider When Outsourcing the Call-center?

It is important to keep in mind several points while outsourcing the call center. The following points can help in outsourcing your call center.

  • Location– The location takes center stage when outsourcing call centers as many things depend on this particular decision. Consider the  exchange rate, economy and environmental issues, also a poor government infrastructure influences the wage structure as well.
  • Accent– In order to preserve your brand image find a call center with discernible accents which helps you to manage your business better. Check on their accents via skype and try and gauge whether they are able to express themselves better in clear accents.
  • Specialization– Call centers vary greatly in specialization. For example, if a call center is good at providing technical support it won’t be much good for online clothes retailer. Make sure you ask to see relevant case-studies which would help you to gauge whether they are good at your kind of industry too.  Choose the call center which goes in line with your kind of business.
  • Security– While thinking of outsourcing your call center make security measures the most important fixture in your scheme of things. You should ensure that your proprietary data does not come into any harm. Physical safety along with technological safety is another point to consider while outsourcing your call-center. Urging hem to sign a nondisclosure should gain paramount importance. Security measures are important so that you can attain the peace of mind required to establish a good business.
  • The portfolio of clients– The portfolio of clients must be seen to decide whether the companies they have worked for have sung paeans for their work. As you have to be sanguine whether the call center you are choosing has served a good number of companies in the past. Also, it might be the other way round as well the call center might be used to working with large companies and yours is relatively small set up so your choosing the particular set up may not benefit you in the long run. Examining the call center’s client list might give you an idea what kind of companies they have worked for before, what it is offering and which are the companies suit them best.
  • Suitable time-zones– It is advisable to choose a call center which is adaptable and can work in different settings of time, like overnight processing of calls and data from places like Europe and America.
  • Consider what you really need– While there are a number of call center services there is no requirement for paying something which you really don’t need. If you are looking for part-time services just don’t go for full-time services.
  • Find out how long the call center has been in business– Companies which don’t provide quality services usually don’t stick out very long.
  • Ask for what kind of technology they use. If you find out what kind of technology they really use if their communication system is really strong. Then you would know whether investing in that particular call center is really worth your time.
  • Ask about Average Wait and Hold Times– You should ask companies about their average wait and hold times. The better ones should have all the information and then you can compare thoroughly with the best ones.
  • Use your experience- Use your common sense and experience to find out whether the call-center you are going to deal with is any good or not. Whether the representatives are not very friendly. If you are not getting prompt answers the same treatment is going to be meted out to your clients as well.
  • Study the market– If you are trying to get the services of a call center don’t settle one for the first one you come across rather you might stumble upon one which could offer you quality services at much less price.

When you are about to choose a call center, choose one with a lot of care. You shouldn’t just hire anyone to take care of your business and answer important clients. If clients are important and they are giving you the right kind of business make sure you outsource the right call center to keep your company flourishing at the right pace.

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