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Why is Manila Known as the World’s BPO Capital?

For over a decade, outsourcing has had a significant impact on the way businesses operate. Now, companies are looking to maximize their revenues from outsourcing. With this, it’s an understatement to call the outsourcing business revolutionary. Business process outsourcing (BPO) to the Philippines has a massive effect on worldwide businesses. 

These  BPOs are scattered throughout the country, most heavily concentrated in the three key cities: Manila, Cebu, and Davao. Among these three locations, Manila has the most number of call centre’s. Even people seeking employment move to the city to apply to these companies. What’s the reason for this? If you’re eager to figure out the reason, read on. 

BPO capital

Manila is the Center of Commerce and Trade

Being the country’s capital, Manila is considered the center of commerce and trade. As such, you would expect businesses to flock to this part of the country, including BPOs. Big names in the outsourcing industry position their headquarters and sites here since doing business in the city is easy. 

Most foreign businesses that tap into the services of these BPOs also have their headquarters and work sites in Manila. This makes it easy to talk to key decision-makers and close a deal. Also, being in the same geographic location with your clients allows you to resolve issues easily and quickly. 

Aggressive Development Initiatives

The Philippine government has acknowledged the contribution of the BPO industry to the country’s economy. Call center agents are considered on the same level as overseas foreign workers (OFWs) for their significant tax contributions. In return for these agents’ contribution, the government took an active stance in helping the industry thrive even further. 

You can witness development projects that aim to open more business opportunities to BPOs. Also, the government is aggressively supporting BPOs to partner with foreign clients and boost the economy even more. Outsourcing in the Philippines is indeed a profitable endeavor. It’s a business decision a company won’t regret. 

Fresh Graduates Primed for Lucrative Careers 

Being the country’s capital, Manila has the best colleges and universities. Parents send their kids to these schools, hoping that the latter will get competitive education that could prime them for lucrative careers after graduation.

The swelling number of students getting educated in Manila is an advantage for BPOs. With this, they have a pool of fresh talents that could add to their already competitive manpower. Also some of these students could also be prospective investors after graduation. This steady source of manpower and investors is a huge plus for businesses in the capital.

Manila’s Cosmopolitan Environment 

One of the effects of being the center of trade and commerce is seeing different establishments and infrastructure sprout in the city. Manila has indeed become a global investment destination and business location. With this, the city’s business hubs and other alternative locations open up more commercial spaces ideal for offices. 

Also, the metropolitan vibe paved the way for introducing more mixed-use properties that encourage the opening of businesses. For investors, these developments mean good business opportunities. You can open up a BPO within a mixed-use property and enjoy the influx of people from all social classes. 

Easy to Fly in and Fly Out

Most international flights depart and arrive at Manila airports. Though there are direct international flights to and from other key cities, Manila has most of them. This fact makes it convenient for heads and officials of international companies to travel to Manila and back to their country. This may be a small convenience, but it makes business trips manageable and seamless. The time saved on travel can be utilized for more critical tasks. 

Work with Philipine BPOs

The Philippines is undoubtedly one of the best regarding human resources. The growth and dominance of BPO companies in the Philippines are enough proof that our workforce is competitive and at par with international manpower. Multibillion foreign companies acknowledge this fact by forging relationships with Philippine call centers. 

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