Customer Service Outsourcing: SME Customer Service

Customer satisfaction leads to better sales, a higher retention rate, the existing clients’ loyalty, and capturing of new prospects’ interest. Every business owner knows that providing an excellent service or product contributes to customers’ great buying experience. It is crucial to keep this experience consistent by understanding the essence of customer service in an SME […]

5 Reasons to Outsource eCommerce Customer Support

Historians will have a multitude of social phenomena to evaluate as they reflect on the COVID-19 epidemic in the coming years. The effect of prolonged lockdowns on mental health. The change of workplace spaces as a result of more remote working. The significance of social media in the spread of conspiracy theories, as well as […]

Stress Management Techniques for Work From Home Call Center Staff

The health risks brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic has forced big and small call center companies around the world to make an immediate change on its routines and structure. Work from home arrangement for employees have been made necessary to at least minimize exposure and prevent the transmission in the work area. To some […]

Secrets To Successful Chat Support Experience

Unlike any other common voice call center practices, Chat Support attends to and resolves customer issues through chat, this saves customers from long waiting time just to speak with a representative.

Customer Service: Make It or Break It

No need to spend millions on Ads, good customer service will advertise for you. Advertisements can generate audiences but only good customer service will help maintain leads, nurture them and retain sales.

Hybrid Chabot’s – The Future of Customer Service By Jas Anand

Technological changes are driving new frontiers in trade and industry. The new age businesses are creating a new level field across industries. The traditional business are facing competition and there has never been more need for innovation and nimbleness to hold on the market share.

Call Center Outsourcing Trends In Telecom Industry

Today, businesses are facing new challenges – to meet the ever-increasing expectations of their customers in 2015. Today’s technology-savvy customers desire the best customer experience that can be delivered from a multi-channel and multi-lingual contact center. However, it is difficult for small and medium scaled businesses to determine and fit an in-house, multilingual, multichannel call […]

Best Practices for Call Center Services – Asiatel Outsourcing

Possessing an active call center can be a valuable and cost-effective tool for any business to utilize their resources. Unfortunately, sometimes your businesses are bound to the past of automated scripts, prolonged waits on hold and impersonal communication. Here, your call center is the primary key role of interaction between your company and its customers. […]

Top 5 Affordable and Time Saving Telemarketing Maintenance Tips

Telemarketing services have been proven to be an extremely efficient and effective tool for enhancing sales numbers, upgrading customer services, cross selling, implementing new promotions, providing good customer care and highlighting customer relationships. Top telemarketing techniques provide an informative, packed resource for all sales professionals. Telemarketing services offer better expert insight and proven strategies by […]