Savings Potential of Outbound Telemarketing Services

Hiring BPO companies in the Philippines has become a popular business decision for many foreign companies and entrepreneurs. It is a practical option for those who want to expand their operations in the global market. Choosing a trusted provider in developing nations like the Philippines also helps business owners save money in terms of labor […]

8 Effective Outbound Telemarketing Strategies

Outbound Telemarketing and telesales are not the same things. The latter entails conducting business over the phone. Telemarketing, on the other hand, is all about generating leads. It can be used for market research (for example, polling decision makers’ opinions) or just to gather proper information for other marketing tactics (for example, acquiring the decision […]

Outbound Sales: Steps, Tips, and Techniques to do it Better

Most companies today are discarding their outbound strategies and opt inbound sales where potential customers reach out to get to know more about the product they offer. While inbound sales may only be feasible for big and well-established companies, waiting and relying on your prospects to find you might not work at all times, especially […]