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Outsourcing Chat Support & Customer Service

Hiring outsourced chat support customer service agent may be your option whether you’re staffing up for the big Christmas rush or related occasions or just looking for a way to boost capacity in your customer service team. Consider that the sooner you reply to a consumer who needs assistance, the more likely you are to retain them. With quick, effective customer service, you can complete the transaction and persuade clients to return.

Outsourcing is a new way to discover how to add expertise to your organization, yet it reduces risk and boosts capabilities.

1. Provide multilingual customer assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers frequently wish to buy after hours. Outsourcing allows you to recruit workers from all over the world, allowing you to be available in any time zone. You may also recruit folks who are fluent in many languages.

2. Reduce your expenses. In terms of raw costs, outsourcing customer support is frequently less expensive. To begin, when you recruit worldwide, you pay in local currency. Furthermore, you have no overhead such as office space or perks. You may also staff flexibly to meet the number of hours required.

3. Gain access to a world of talent. Outsourcing allows you to go outside your local talent pool for channel-specific support expertise all across the world.

How much does outsourcing customer service usually cost you?

The cost of an agent might range from $4.00/hour for flexible freelancers to $1800/month for full-time professionally managed, college-educated agents from the Philippines, depending on your solution. Determine how much you can afford. This will influence which services you will use.

Guide to outsourcing chat support customer service agents

guide to outsourcing chat support

1. Hire an agent : Hiring an outsourced agent is similar to hiring a full-time employee. First, create a job description. The candidates will be more particular if you can be more precise. This will result in a higher-quality recruiting stream.

2. Interview outsourced customer service agents : You may and should conduct interviews to determine the greatest match for your staff. A managed outsourcing company like us, should provide you with a limited list of applicants for interviews. You will almost certainly only have one interview with each candidate. Don’t be concerned. New agents are subject to a probationary term. If it doesn’t work out, you’ll be able to hire from their pool again.

3. On-boarding of an outsourced customer service agent : These representatives will represent your organization to clients. You must train them just like any other team member from product knowledge, set a clear expectations, script & rebuttals, training in the system, etc

4. How to collaborate with outsourced customer service personnel remotely : If your company already has a remote work culture, adding an outsourced customer support representative is similar to adding a new team member. A strategy is required if you do not have a remote work culture.

5. How to manage outsourced customer service agents : Giving outsourced agents regular feedback can help them develop, as well as keep them in the loop and involved with your business over time.

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