What Effect Does Outsourcing Have on Your In-House Employees?

Outsourcing is a great way to save money, but you might be surprised at naysayers making you think about how much this can cost you. They’ll tell you that when you outsource, your company can no longer control its destiny because it relies on another company to complete a task. This means that if something […]

Benefits of Ecommerce Outsourcing Service For SMEs

Are you an entrepreneur who finds your business thriving? Is your enterprise growing to a point where you need more workforce to keep it running? You’re weighing different options asking yourself if an outsourcing agency, like BPO companies in the Philippines, suits your company.  Outsourcing services have pros and cons, but the benefits usually outweigh […]

Good Reasons for Outsourcing to the Philippines

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry has been one of the leading stars of the country’s economy over the last 2 decades. In this process, the Outsourcing industry employs more than 1.5 million people generating close to US $30 Bn annually in revenue The success of the Philippines’ outsourcing business may be ascribed to the […]

4 Customer Service Functions You Can Outsource

Fun Fact: Satisfied customers lead to more money. You already knew that, didn’t you? But what happens when every part of your business seems to howl for attention? Can you still attend to your customers’ inquiries when you have so much on your plate? Sometimes, you can’t. You cannot ignore even that one, a single […]

8 Reasons Why You Should Outsource to Philippines

Whenever we intend to expand abroad and hire personnel in other countries, we must first learn about the local culture, business practices, and operational variations. The business of outsourcing in the Philippines has been the source of economic growth in the entire Southeast Asian countries that consists of more than 100 people from different ethnicities. […]

Essential Ways to Manage Your Remote Call Center Staff

The remote work trend has officially kicked in and has become a popular choice for different industries today, including the outsourcing and call center companies in the Philippines . Thanks to technology and cloud connectivity, the transition from a typical office set up to a virtual, work from home call center is made possible in […]

Notes on Outsourcing NOC Services

I. As defined by extnoc.com, a Network Operations Center or NOC (pronounced as “knock”) is a centralized location where a company and their staff can provide supervision 24 hours a day to help monitor and manage a company’s services, databases, external services, firewalls, and network. II. It is where all the company’s servers and networking […]

Options for Outsourcing: Telesales, Lead Generation & Survey

Starting up a new business is quite demanding. It requires massive time, effort, skills and of course, money. Owners will also encounter challenging decisions when it comes to managing the different areas especially when the business starts operating. In most cases, business owners opt to handle tasks internally, hire people with specialized skills to be […]

Some Psychological Tricks for an Effective Email Newsletter

You might be surprised that with all these Instagram stories, Snapchat tools and Facebook features, email newsletter is still hailed as one of the most effective forms of marketing today. Sure, social media feeds are fun and new, but when we’re talking about power and hard conversions, we can always turn to emails. But what […]

Top 8 Outsourced Roles in the Philippines

Outsourcing is a strategic and practical option proven to be healthy for an organization’s economic health. Listed below are the top roles/business functions most outsourced in the Philippines.