Tools for Managing a Remote Team in the Philippines

Being away from your team is a real challenge for productivity. This physical absence might affect your efficiency as a team if not handled perfectly. Thankfully, there are tools made to effectively and closely monitor your whole team.

Freelancer or Outsourcing Firms – Pros and Cons

Which is better – to outsource or hire a freelancer? This is the most common question many companies ask when needing additional human resource in the picture with their company solidity and growth at stake.

The Growth in Finance and Accounting Outsourcing to Philippines

BPO companies in the Philippines, has proven itself as a reliable partner in terms of delivering services in the global outsourcing arena. This is mirrored by the rising number of start-ups and relocation of many businesses in the country from multinational businesses to foreign BPO service providers as well.

Outsourcing and the Future of Work

Outsourcing is not entirely a new concept. It has been around for decades, mostly in the manufacturing industry. In the early 1990s, both India and the Philippines were the leading contenders as the BPO hub of the world.

Outsource Your Recruitment to the Philippines

Recruitment is a fundamental activity that is directly linked to the success of your company. The team decides who is fit for the job, and they also take care of setting up gatekeeping mechanisms, like exams and background checks, to ensure that the person you hire is qualified.

Options for Creative Outsourcing

Creative outsourcing refers to projects that involve creativity. Examples of these are graphic design, videos, and written content. Most of these are used for marketing.

Hiring Executive Assistants in the Philippines

Foreign influences made Filipinos regard to continuing education like learning history, culture and new languages highly important. This is very similar with that of Japanese “Kaizen” doctrine.