Why Do Most Companies Prefer to Hire Filipino Telemarketers?

Filipino telemarketers

When entrepreneurs talk about call centers, what comes to their minds are Filipinos and call center companies in the Philippines. The reason for this is the fact that Filipinos are professional, caring, hardworking, and skilled. But these are not the only things that make Filipinos stand out as telemarketers.  If you’re a business owner looking […]

Different Telemarketing Outsourcing Pricing Models

The continuing demand for a reliable outbound call center demonstrates how third-party telemarketing providers have been helping foreign companies boost productivity and save operational costs. The average cost of hiring outsourced services of BPO companies in the Philippines and Asia region is between $8-$14. The pricing structure also depends on significant factors, which include software, […]

How Telemarketers Approach B2B Leads

Telemarketing is a valuable tool for businesses, but it can also be a bit of a headache. You need to find the right people to call and figure out how to get them on the phone and keep them there long enough for your pitch. However, just because it’s not easy doesn’t mean that every […]

Outbound Sales: Steps, Tips, and Techniques to do it Better

Most companies today are discarding their outbound strategies and opt inbound sales where potential customers reach out to get to know more about the product they offer. While inbound sales may only be feasible for big and well-established companies, waiting and relying on your prospects to find you might not work at all times, especially […]

Options for Outsourcing: Telesales, Lead Generation & Survey

Starting up a new business is quite demanding. It requires massive time, effort, skills and of course, money. Owners will also encounter challenging decisions when it comes to managing the different areas especially when the business starts operating. In most cases, business owners opt to handle tasks internally, hire people with specialized skills to be […]

6 Tips for Enhanced Telesales

Nowadays, everyone is aware of telemarketing services that help make appointments with potential customers. But have you heard of telesales? What is telesales? Telesales is a service task that you use to sell your products and services to customers directly through a telephone conversation. In telesales, the entire selling process, including the payment transaction can […]