Relevance of KPI and SLA for Philippine BPO

BPO is a business process outsourcing model many Philippine companies use to run their operations. However, some myths are associated with BPO companies in the Philippines and how it is being implemented. One of these myths is that BPO only involves call centers and other customer service agents and not much else. There’s more to […]

Facts About BPO Philippines That SMEs Should Know

The BPO sector contributes billions to the Philippine economy annually and provides jobs to more than 1.3 people all over the country. Over the years, even during the pandemic, the industry remains stable, with forecasts showing that it still has a lot of scalability in the coming years. BPO companies in the Philippines are among […]

Leave It To The Experts: Outsourcing Your Day-To-Day Operations To Us

Most foreign businesses can fulfill common daily roles but still outsourcing Solutions from BPO companies in the Philippines due to the lack of skills to launch and handle new activities, others are grappling to manage their everyday operations due to insufficient resources, and some are searching for ways to minimize operational costs while getting more […]

Essential Ways to Manage Your Remote Call Center Staff

The remote work trend has officially kicked in and has become a popular choice for different industries today, including the outsourcing and call center companies in the Philippines . Thanks to technology and cloud connectivity, the transition from a typical office set up to a virtual, work from home call center is made possible in […]

Telemarketing For Your Business

When a company is looking for an opportunity to grow, Telemarketing is often their top option. Though it is considered to be one of the oldest forms to market, the initiative of reaching a prospect through phone calls is still proven to increase sales. Here we have gathered some useful insights to help you learn […]

6 Important Tips for a Successful B2B Appointment Setting Process

B2B appointment setting is one of the processes a company needs in order to establish partnership and generate profit from other large businesses. It involves an activity where in-house sales representatives or outsourced appointment setting services connect to executives and company decision makers through cold calls, emails or reach them out online. Though the process […]

Outbound Sales: Steps, Tips, and Techniques to do it Better

Most companies today are discarding their outbound strategies and opt inbound sales where potential customers reach out to get to know more about the product they offer. While inbound sales may only be feasible for big and well-established companies, waiting and relying on your prospects to find you might not work at all times, especially […]

Qualities of the Best Call Center Partners in the Philippines

A business can only tell that outsourcing in the Philippines is a success when it has found the right outsourcing partner. Most companies that are new to the industry might have to jump between one call center to another before finding the right one that will meet its current needs and requirements. This trial and […]

Working or Not: Supervising Virtual Assistants

In the promise of efficiency, a virtual assistant in your professional career still doesn’t mean that everything will go smoothly. Just like in the usual office scenario, problems may still occur among the employees present.